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Match Point: Get To Know Chantal Swiszcz

Chantal Swiszcz will leave UMass after being part of an all-time great doubles duo with Yuliana Motyl.

Chantal Swiszcz will leave UMass after being part of an all-time great doubles duo with Yuliana Motyl.

May 3, 2013

Rota, Spain, a lovely, ancient town at the north end of the Bay of Cádiz, is the hometown of Chantal Swiszcz. Her mother is Spanish, her father American, and Chantal has dual citizenship. She lived in Rota for the first eight years of her life.

Her tennis career began there when she was seven and learned how to play, with her brother and a friend, on a hotel court that had artificial grass. Her teacher was a tennis coach.

When Chantal was eight the family moved to Boston. Chantal began competing in USTA junior tournaments. Then, back to Spain, but Madrid--not Rota--where she played for a tennis club team. After graduation she traveled from Madrid to study at UMass Amherst, where her brother had studied for a year.

Chantal is 5-foot-10 with long legs and arms which contribute to her wide reach and speed on the court. She believes her strength is her volley at the net. She doesn't really like baseline play "because it seems you are always playing defensively," she remarks.

She prefers, rather, a more aggressive, forceful position. She likes the idea that things are always different in tennis, no two balls are ever the same, and you are always having to devise new plans and adopt new strategies.

Before joining the UMass tennis program Chantal had never participated in tennis as a team sport; never, as she put it, played for other people rather than just for herself.

She has enjoyed the experience so much so that she wishes, after her impending graduation this year, to be remembered for her contribution to the UMass Women's Tennis Team spirit. That, she hopes, will be her legacy.




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