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Q & A With Former Women's Tennis Player Lesley Fisher

Senior Co-Captain Lesley Fisher

Senior Co-Captain Lesley Fisher

April 11, 2006

Q: What made you begin playing tennis?
A: I started when I was very young. I played in high school along with other sports. Toward the end of high school I started taking it more seriously. I had more opportunities after high school to play tennis. I had played field hockey in high school, but I didn't want to play in college, so tennis was the only thing I could continue playing. I chose tennis because I could play it longer.

Q: Who had the greatest influence on you growing up?
A: I think my father because he worked so hard and has been very successful, so I really admire his hard work. I always try to work hard and follow his example.

Q: What goals do you wish to accomplish this season?
A: I would love to win A-10s and go to NCAAs, as I am a senior. It's my last year and I would love to win and I feel like we can, because we have a really good team. I really want to win this year so hopefully we can pull it out. We have four tough A-10 matches coming up, so we'll see how that goes and hopefully we'll be ready in a couple weeks.

Q: Do you like playing singles or doubles better? Why?
A: I like singles a lot more, but I'm starting to like doubles now, because I'm getting better at it. I like singles, but doubles is fun when you know what's going on and how to play it. I just like being in control and doing what you want in the point. I feel more confident playing singles.

Q: What do you think about the addition of instant replay in tennis?
A: I think it is good for the fans. At the same time, I think it is hard for the players and the umpire because the umpire can't really overrule calls anymore unless the players ask. I think it's going to go both ways, but they can only do it on one court per tournament, so it's not something they can use all the time. I think the fans will benefit the most from instant replay in tennis.

Q: What is the best part about being a student athlete?
A: I think it just gives you more to do and you feel more a part of the university. I like being busy and I like the environment of Boyden (Gym). I think it is cool how all of the athletes are so close.

Q: What made you decide to come to UMass?
A: I came from the University of Miami (Florida) and I am originally from Massachusetts. I came home and I thought I could play here. Also, a lot of my friends from home go here. I always loved coming to visit so I chose UMass.

Q: Who is your favorite tennis player? Why?
A: When I was growing up it would probably have been Anna Kournikova, just because we all loved her. She was awesome! I love Martina Hingis and I think she is amazing. Roger Federer is unbelievable, but there are so many. I used to love watching any tournament so I was kind of a dork.

Q: When you are not playing tennis, what activities do you enjoy?
A: I just like hanging out with my friends. I don't really do that much else. There isn't that much time during the season, but I like just hanging out with friends and going to the beach during the summer.

Q: If you could play a professional sport other than tennis, which would you choose?
A: I don't know, maybe I would be a skier. I used to ski when I was young. I would race and I thought that that was cool.

Q: What is your greatest tennis memory?
A: In high school, we had a good team, and we were league champs two years in a row. But my best memory was probably a couple summers ago when I won a tournament in a really tough three set match. That was really cool because it was one of my first big tournament wins. It was very exciting.

Q: Following a practice or a match, what is your favorite thing to eat?
A: Oh wow, everything. Sometimes we go to Antonio's, but just anything really. Honestly, just pizza or chicken. I'm always starving after practice.

Q: What CD is most played in your room?
A: Mostly Jack Johnson I would say. Also some Dave Matthews, stuff like that, basically just chill music.

Q: What are you going to miss most about UMass?
A: The team, definitely. I am going to miss my friends, some of who are younger than me, and I am going to miss coming out to the courts everyday. Even when it's tough it's just the people who love you the most, so I am going to definitely miss the team the most. I am going to miss not having to worry about a job, just being able to go to class and play tennis. It's a nice life so I will miss that, definitely.

Q: Finally, what are your plans for post-graduation?
A: I am taking the year off next year and going to law school. I am taking the LSAT in October and then I'll go anywhere that will take me.




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