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Match Point: Get To Know Jocelyn Providence

Jocelyn Providence

Jocelyn Providence

March 15, 2013

Why do we choose tennis over all other sports? It's not an easy question, but Jocelyn Providence aced it.

Before you learn her answer, here are a few things to know about Jocelyn. She grew up near Philadelphia, learned tennis by playing with her father when she was about seven years old. "It was fun playing with dad," she says.

But tennis was not her only sport. In middle school and high school she was also on the basketball, volleyball, lacrosse and track teams. When it was time to apply to colleges she chose tennis, and UMass.

Now a senior, she is one of three captains of the team. Her major is Environmental Sciences, and her grades are outstanding--3.7 GPA last semester. She has been accepted for graduate studiesl at Lehigh University.

Jocelyn chose UMass because of its Environmental Sciences program, and because a friend from Philly on the UMass tennis team encouraged her to apply. After visiting the campus, talking with head coach Judy Dixon, and hanging out with the team, she was convinced it was the right place.

Coach Dixon describes Jocelyn as feisty. Jocelyn's sprit and leadership are notable: her serve, is her strongest shot. She is outgoing, spontaneous, and sharp, as her answer to the opening question reveals. Why tennis?

Of all the sports she played, Jocelyn said she chose tennis because she found it "the most difficult to get a grip on." In other words, she is a person who seeks challenges. Then she added something her dad used to tell her all the time. He said, "Everything you learn on the court applies to all the other important things in life."



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