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Match Point: Get To Know Julia Comas

Julia Comas

Julia Comas

Feb. 26, 2013

Julia Comas is 5-foot-11, the tallest member of the UMass Tennis Team. Powerful though slender she moves in easy strides across the court, and her reach is awesome. Coach Judy Dixon is impressed by Julia's penetrating ground strokes and her solid first serve.

Julia's home is Barcelona, Spain. Her love of tennis began at the age of six when her mother joined an athletic club where Julia took her first lessons. By the time she was twelve Julia was playing competitive matches, though not in school.

In Spain, and in fact most countries other than the United States, there are no high school or college athletic teams.

By coming to UMass for her higher education Julia has had an opportunity to play tennis while majoring in biochemistry. A benefit of tennis, Julia comments, is the mental toughness it encourages.

She enjoys the camaraderie of the team. Not only did she have travel to matches by herself in Spain, but there were mostly boys competing in the game.

Now a senior, Julia and team co-captain Jocelyn Providence are roommates. Both have been active in the team's community service and fundraising projects. When she goes home to Barcelona after graduation, Julia will be looking forward to a visit from Jocelyn, and to beginning graduate school.

Last fall a foot injury kept Julia off the court for ten weeks. Everyone was glad to have her back as the spring season began, and she came back strong in the team's first game a against Brown University --Julia won her singles match. It was, however, a painful victory, as her foot was reinjured.

Though she is out of play again, Julie remains an integral part of the team, attending matches and lending her support. As Judy Dixon said, "She loves to play, and loves the team." The team returns that affection.



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