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Hixon Wins Youth Olympics Honor

Mandy Hixon

Mandy Hixon

Sept. 13, 2010

AMHERST, Mass. - UMass diving coach Mandy Hixon is one of three mothers of United States Junior Olympians to be honored by Proctor & Gamble as part of the International Olympic Committee sponsor's "Thank You Mom" initiatives. P&G is defraying the cost of Hixon and 24 other mothers from around the world so they can share their child's Youth Olympic Games experience in Singapore.

Hixon's son, Michael, a sophomore at Amherst Regional High School, will be part of the US Diving Team at the Youth Olympic Games.

"I am very honored to receive this award," Hixon said. "I appreciate Proctor and Gamble's support of families trying to help their children achieve their athletic goals. Getting accolades for coaching diving is one thing, but getting acknowledged for being a mom of a son who just happens to be a great kid and a great diver is truly special."

Moms from 15 countries were selected to participate in the `Thank You Mom' program at the YOG, from Argentina to Indonesia to Turkey. Three are mothers of athletes on Team USA: Hixon; Janet Brewster, mother of trampoline gymnast Hunter Brewster; and Karen Kimball, mother of fencer Will Spear.




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