NCAA Softball Press Conference Quotes: #3 Washington, Sacred Heart

May 14, 2009

AMHERST, Mass. - Washington Press Conference

Washington Head Coach Heather Tarr on trip to Amherst

We had a good trip. We got here yesterday around 2:45 p.m. and I think everyone has adjusted to east coast time and we are ready to have a good practice.

Coach Tarr on traveling cross country

I think the toughest part for us is that we are in the middle of our spring quarter, so we had to miss a crucial week this week. We don't have finals for a couple weeks, but this is a critical time academically. I think, in general, we are used to being on the road. I think it does not matter that we were sent as far as UMass. It is what it is. You have to get on a plane, and we had good accommodations getting over here.

Coach Tarr on addition of Jenn Salling

She just added a element of experience. She still had to get to know our team, our system, but, in general, she is a seasoned player. She is very talented. It allowed Morgan Stuart to third base, which helps us out. She has been batting in the three spot the majority of the time, so that moves some people around. It helps to add something to our lineup.

Ashley Charters on being paired with unknown teams

I feel like that is part of the game. You get scouting reports on all the teams. You're not going into each game blindsided. It's nothing new, in preseason we don't know that much about the teams. It is pretty much the same thing.

Danielle Lawrie on unknown teams

I would second what Ashley said. I think the teams we are playing this weekend feel the same way about us. So, you don't really know the teams you are playing as well as the Pac-10 teams, but you are heading into war and you need to go with everything you have and it doesn't matter who you play. You go full force. It is not who you're playing, it is more so how we play.

Lawrie on strength of Pac-10 teams

From a pitcher's standpoint, the Pac-10 is definitely difficult. You are seeing the same teams twice in one weekend and then in two weeks, you are going to play them again. So you definitely have to change your game plan. Hitter, in my opinion, are getting better in the game. In all conferences, but within the Pac-10, I have noticed a change, especially last year coming into this game. They seem to be getting more hits and I've noticed a big change.



Coach Tarr on Pac-10 teams

I think in general, the conference that we play in, you do not get a rest. It is similar to post season play, where, everyone is good. Everyone is capable and anyone can beat anyone on any given day.

Charters on Lawrie

I think she got better, more experienced, facing the top teams she faced at the Olympics. She is ready to win. After our postseason run in 2007, she went there, and then she came back and I think she will give it everything she has again. I think she learned a lot from her experience in China.

Coach Tarr on Sacred Heart

We don't know much about Sacred Heart. Obviously, for them to get here, they have to be pretty good. They obviously played well enough in their conference tournament to get here. They are going to be a very capable team.

Sacred Heart Press Conference

Sacred Heart Head Coach Pam London

First of all, we are really proud of our accomplishment to even be here. We are honored to be in the Regional with such great teams here. We feel pretty strong coming in. We are going to play our game and try to stay within ourselves and soak up the experience. We know that it is going to lend to greater things to come, in Sacred Heart's future.

Coach London on getting past excitement

I think we do that in the same way we approached our league championship last weekend. We were happy to be there and proud to be there, but what people did not realize, was that we taking it seriously enough and did not think we had the quality of athletes that we have to win the tournament. When we come here, we've thought about this all week. We know what we are up against. Being happy to be here is not the same as being afraid to be here. We are not afraid to be here. We are ready to play. We are ready to put everything on the line and go at it. Stranger things have happened. Put your best effort forward and you never know what will happen in the game.

Coach London on Danielle Lawrie

We tried to gather as much information as we could. Amanda [Bradley] has actually played with her in Canada, so she gave us as much insight as she could on her. We also have some people on our staff that know teams that have played against her. What we did was try to speed our game up to the next level as far as keeping things short, quick, and put the ball in play. We hope we can make some solid contact and make something happen.

Coach London on getting a feel for the game

I'm not going to lie, I think for all of us, this is our first time in Division I softball at this level. Of course, my girls are going to be a little nervous the first time through the lineup. They will definitely be feeling it out. How fast is it really coming in? Is she pitching me more out or is she pitching me more in? I think my hitters are smart enough to soak up the first at bat and use it throughout the rest of the game.

Amanda Bradley on win streak

I think it is a major factor. I think coming in on a 12-game winning streak is really going to help us. We are very confident right now. Even though we are going to see Danielle Lawrie, who has a great reputation, that coming in on this win streak is really going to help us and give us confidence. That nervousness we have in facing her will be counteracted by the hype of the win streak we are on.

Coach London on co-coaching

It works very well for us. Obviously, we have been doing this for a long time, and we all have a role. There are no egos here. There is no question of who made the right call, who made the better call. We stick to it and make suggestions to each other. Usually, we make a snap judgment to agree. It works and it usually pans out for us. I mostly work with the pitchers and catchers during the game, while Bippie makes more of the offensive calls. Unless I have a gut feeling and I suggest something, she'll say go for it. It is a lot of give and take. Its called teamwork, actually.

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