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Q&A With Sophomore Midfielder Meghan Gould

Gould picked up her first career point against Duquesne.

Gould picked up her first career point against Duquesne.

Oct. 1, 2007

As the UMass women's soccer season progresses, UMassathletics.com will sit down with different members of the team to find out a little bit about them. Sophomore midfielder Meghan Gould shares her thoughts this week.

UM: What made you want to play soccer?
I was too energetic for ballet class so my parents decided to sign me up for something where I had to run around.

UM: What's your favorite moment in soccer?
My favorite moment was scoring the winning goal in the North Finals in high school. I went to a Catholic school and we were playing my hometown so it was a big deal.

UM: What do you like to do in your spare time?
I don't have much spare time, but when I do I love to go shopping. I also like to hang around with my friends and listen to music or watch TV.

UM: Can you describe an average day during the season?
An average day during the season is crazy. Classes, studying, eating, practices, and games. It takes up a lot of time and we are always on a tight schedule.

UM: What is your major? What is your career goal?
I am undecided but I would like to be a Comm-Dis major. I would like to work in a hospital or a school setting with children.

UM: Do you have any pregame rituals?
I don't really have any rituals, but a couple of us always sit in the locker room and listen to music. On occasion we have a pre-game dance party.

UM: How does it feel to be back and starting this season after the injury you had last year?
It feels great. I worked hard all spring and all summer to get back to where I was. It was hard having two surgeries last year and keeping a positive mindset, but with hard work everything turned out great, so I am happy.

UM: What is your favorite UMass sport other than soccer? Why?
I would have to say hockey just because I like going to the games and listening to the music they play before and during the game. The games are a lot of fun and tons of people go to watch.



UM: What is the best advice you have for a prospective Division I athlete?
The best advice I could give would be time management. Learn how to manage your time because it will save you from a lot of confusion and stress once you go to school.

UM: Ten years down the road, where do you see yourself?
Ten years down the road I see myself married with children.

Thanks for reading. Be sure to check out the other Q&A's as the season goes along!


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