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Q&A With Freshman Phenom Kelsey Anderson

Anderson scored the game-winning goal against Iona to give Jim Rudy his 300th career win.

Anderson scored the game-winning goal against Iona to give Jim Rudy his 300th career win.

Sept. 16, 2007

As the UMass women's soccer season progresses, UMassathletics.com will sit down with different members of the team to find out a little bit about them. Freshman defender Kelsey Anderson shares her thoughts this week.

UM: What made you start playing soccer?
KA: I started playing soccer because all my friends had already started playing a year before. One of my really good friends, Kayla, had been playing and got me hooked when we used to played in her yard after school.

UM: How did it feel to get your first collegiate goal in your first home game? Not only a game-winning goal, but to give Coach Rudy his 300th win?
KA: It was probably the most amazing feeling in the world, I'm just really glad that I could have contributed to our team's success as well as coach Rudy's success. It's definitely something I will never forget.

UM: Why did you choose UMass?
KA: I fell in love with UMass as soon as I visited! The team, the coaches were all so welcoming and the education seemed to be the perfect match. Plus I was far enough to actually be away from home, but close enough so I could get home if I needed to. There are so many different people here since it is a big school and I meet new people everyday. I love it here and I'm so glad to be a Minutewomen!

UM: How has the experience been so far?
KA: It has been everything I had dreamed it would be. I've made a ton of life-long friends, have already learned so much, learned to be responsible, and have the nicest roommate ever. Things can not get much better than this!

UM: What's your favorite sports moment and why?
KA: My favorite sports moment was when my club team , South Coast Scorpions won the State Cup in 2005 with fellow teammates Sydney (Stoll) and Alyssa (Visconti). This was exciting because it was the first time I had ever been on a team that had won states plus it meant we could go on yet another soccer trip!



UM: What are you goals for your freshman year playing Division I College Soccer?
KA: My goals this year as a freshman are to work hard, have fun, improve, and make some awesome memories. I want our team to make A-10's and the NCAA Tournament. I also hope to earn the trust of my teammates, learn from my captains, and to make sure I get my job done both on and off the field.

UM: What do you like to do in your spare time?
KA: I like to spend most of my spare time either hanging out with friends and family, listening to music, in study hall, eating, and painting my nails. You will probably find me laughing and smiling during most of my spare time as well.

UM: What's your major? Do you have any career goals?
KA: My major is Kinesiology and I want to become a Physician's Assistant and work with athletes.

UM: Ten years down the road, where do you see yourself?
KA: In ten years I see myself married with a lovely family and hopefully a good job, living happily ever after.

UM: You recently went through the collegiate recruiting process. What advice would you give a current high school senior in the same shoes?
KA: The best advice I can give is to market yourself, write to coaches, play in college showcases, and do not stress over it. Call coaches YOURSELF because they want to hear from you, not your parents. When you visit different schools, try and find the perfect match for your individual needs. You will know when you find the school you love!

Thanks for reading. Be sure to check out the other Q&A's as the season goes along!

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