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Q&A With Senior Captain Jenny Roehrig

Jenny Roehrig has started every game of her career.

Jenny Roehrig has started every game of her career.

Sept. 16, 2007

As the UMass women's soccer season progresses, UMassathletics.com will sit down with different members of the team to find out a little bit about them. Senior midfield captain Jenny Roehrig shares her thoughts this week.

UM:As a senior captain, what extra responsibility do you feel you have to the team (if any)? Could you just talk about the experience as co-captain for the first few weeks?
JR: Being a captain is extremely rewarding to me. There are certain responsibilities that are given to me, along with the other captains, (Kristin) Walker and (Vanessa) Patry, either from coach or other players on the team, but I enjoy it. As captains, we lead by example and encourage our teammates to go out there and give 110% all the time. Also, there are five other seniors on this team that like to take a leadership role, which is nice to have. I look to them for advice as they do the same for me.

UM: What's your favorite moment at UMass? Why?
JR: Well I've had a couple, but the one that stands out the most was when we beat UConn, 2-1. I remember the excitement everyone had when Britt (Canfield) scored the first goal to put us ahead 1-0. Then UConn came back to tie it and all I know is that we did not want to play for a tie; we wanted to win. Then midway through the second half, Mel (Toulouse) passed me the ball and I turned and just shot the ball, which ended up being the game-winner. Everyone went crazy and I know it was not only an amazing moment for us girls, but also for coach and our school to finally beat UConn on our home field.

UM: Could you talk about starting in all 53 games in your career heading into this year? It's quite an accomplishment; what does that mean to you?
JR: I never really worried about starting every game; all I wanted to do was get the chance to play. It certainly has been something I am very proud of. Ever since I was a freshman, I knew that nothing was handed to me and that I always had to work hard to get a deserved spot on the field.



UM: What are your goals for this, your senior campaign?
JR: The obvious is to make the A-10 Tournament and the NCAA Tournament, but also to go out every game holding nothing back.

UM: What's your major? Do you have any specific career goals?
JR: My major is Sport Management. I would like to work in the entertainment or marketing field in sports. Also, since it is a business major, I am interesting in different aspects of the business world, such as real estate and finance.

UM: Do you have any pregame rituals? If so, what?
JR: Well, getting ready before every game, I always put my socks, shin guards, and cleats on my right leg first. Also, I have a special handshake with Christina Nunes before every game.

UM: What advice would you give a prospective Division I collegiate athlete?
JR: Being a D I college athlete is a great experience and such a great privilege to have, so enjoy the four years you have to play because they go by way too quickly.

UM: What is your favorite soccer moment?
JR: I've had so many throughout all the years I've been playing soccer. Going to the National Championship in Texas with my ODP team was such an amazing experience for me. We beat Indiana in the semi-finals and made it to the finals to face Texas. Unfortunately, we lost with about 10 seconds left in double overtime, but played a phenomenal game.

UM: Being a senior, could you talk about Coach Rudy winning his 300th game in the home opener? What did that mean to you?
JR: Coach has been around college soccer for so many years now and has coached some amazing soccer players, and I am happy that he was recognized for his great accomplishments. Also, I was glad to be a part of his 300th win and to be there to celebrate it with him.

UM: Ten years down the road, where do you see yourself?
JR: I don't really like to think that far ahead because I know there are so many things I would like to accomplish within the next ten years. However, I could definitely see myself working in the business field, in Manhattan, making a lot of money.

Thanks for reading. Be sure to check out the other Q&A's as the season goes along!

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