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Q&A With Soccer's Melissa Toulouse

Melissa Toulouse

Melissa Toulouse

Sept. 10, 2007

As the UMass women's soccer season progresses, UMassathletics.com will sit down with different members of the team to find out a little bit about them. Junior defender Melissa Toulouse is first on the hot seat.

UM: What made you want to play soccer?
MT: When I was young, soccer was just another one of the activities my parents signed me up for to keep me busy, along with ballet and gymnastics. What made me keep playing soccer, as gymnastics and ballet fell by the wayside was the team aspect of it, the friends I made, and the fun. Plus soccer, is such a universal sport, everyone all over the world plays and appreciates the game.

UM: What's your favorite moment in soccer?
MT: My favorite moment in soccer, is right before kick off when everyone is on the field, and the ref is getting ready to blow the whistle. There is so much potential in that moment; there is a full 90 minutes of soccer ahead of the team where anything can happen.

UM: What do you like to do in your spare time?
MT: When I get some free time, I really enjoy reading, anything from the newspaper to a fiction novel. Reading, or sleeping also. I love to sleep in my spare time.

UM: Can you describe an average day during the season?
MT: An average day is pretty much like any other students except we've got practice after our classes. Some days we have lifting, and others we have games."

UM: What is your major? What is your career goal?
MT: I am a Journalism and English major because I love to read, write and meet new people, but also because I detest math; I haven't taken a math course since high school, and hope to make it through my college career with that streak in tact. I don't have any concrete career goals. I just know I want to be writing and meeting new people.

UM: Do you have any pregame rituals?
MT: Before our games Vanessa Patry and I throw water in each other's faces. I do the robot with Kaelyn Caldwell, and a left-side strong side arm twist with Christina Nunes. But for myself personally, I always do some crossbodies and pinch my arm to get focused.



UM: How good are the 2007 Minutewomen?
MT: I think we are going to surprise some people this year.

UM: What is your favorite UMass sport other than soccer? Why?
MT: Not being totally uncoordinated myself when it comes to basketball, I enjoy watching our teams here as well as playing a little intramural myself.

UM: What is the best advice you have for a prospective Division I athlete?
MT: Become an expert at time management.

UM: Ten years down the road, where do you see yourself?
MT: Ten years down the road I see myself with a successful career, a family, and lots of possibilities ahead of me.

Thanks for reading. Check back soon to umassathletics.com to see who will be featured next!


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