Women's Rowing

Frequently Asked Questions By Prospective Rowers

Find out more about UMass' rowing program.

Find out more about UMass' rowing program.

April 6, 2015

Amherst, Mass. - The UMass rowing program has won the Atlantic 10 Championship 15 times since the program's inception 22 years ago. Find out more about the team here. Novice orientation meetings time typically meet during the first week of the fall semester.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need experience? No, most walk-ons will never have rowed before. We look forward to teaching you everything from the ground up. Novice was created so that great high school athletes and non-athletes can have the chance to learn the sport and race against athletes of similar experience.

Is rowing a varsity or club sport? Women's rowing is a NCAA Division I varsity sport. The designation of "novice rower" is only used within the squad to describe first year rowers. To the athletic department and the rest of the university you are a varsity athlete with all the privileges and responsibilities that status affords.

What about my class schedule? We understand that you didn't come to UMass this fall planning on being a member of an athletic team. We will work around your academic schedule in the fall. When you decide to continue, you will then have the opportunity to schedule your spring semester to fit the workout schedule.

What type of athlete are you looking for? There are definite physical advantages to being tall, but we have had athletes of all shapes, sizes and from a variety of athletic backgrounds achieve great success as UMass rowers. The things they all have in common are a desire to work hard and a passion for excellence. We are also looking for smaller athletes to be coxswains. Coxswains are the eyes and brain of a crew, steering the shell, implementing the race plan, and motivating the crew to victory.

Do I need to be in shape? No. It doesn't hurt to start out fit, but we will get you in shape to compete at the highest level.



What about my grades? Women's rowing has one of the highest team GPA's compared to other team sports at UMass. We've had majors like kinesiology, nursing, education, legal studies and business management and all have had success on the water and in the classroom. We found that people, who have a lot on their plate, excel academically because they learn how to manage their time effectively. Time management skills benefit student-athletes throughout college and the rest of their lives.

What does being a varsity athlete mean? At UMass being a varsity athlete means many things. The list of advantages and benefits is too long to fully outline here, but some of the highlights include;
• Funding for travel related to training and competition
• Adidas apparel for competition
• A full array of academic counseling, tutoring, and support services
The list can go on for pages; but most of all being a varsity athlete means having the opportunity to compete against the highest level of rowing competition in the country.

Is it all hard work? No, you will have a lot of fun and make life long friends. We have a large and friendly team. You will get in shape, learn a lot, and produce plenty of endorphins.

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