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Women's Rowing Finishes Fourth At Orange Cup On Saturday

UMass Is 4th In The Orange Cup.

UMass Is 4th In The Orange Cup.

April 11, 2005

Amherst, Mass. - The UMass women's rowing team finished fourth at the Orange Cup on the Charles River in Boston on Saturday. Syracuse won the event, followed by Penn and Northeastern. The Minutewomen will row next in the Knecht Cup in New Jersey, Saturday April 16 and Sunday April 17.

The conditions for the races were as follows:

Wind: ENE 8-10 MPH; cross tail increasing throughout the morning to a crosswind later.

Water: Slight chop, heavier in the four races.

Current: Slight head current


Varsity 8: 1. Syracuse 6:31.9 2. Penn 6:33.0 3. Northeastern 6:39.8 4. UMass 6:40.6

The UMass boat included: Kristina Ferraro (cox), Ellen Maskrey, Lea Jakobsen, Gabrielle Papineau, Hannah Brewster, Katie Berger, Stephanie Hopf, Faith Harkins, Catherine Gariepy.

2nd Varsity 8: 1. Northeastern 6:44.2 2. Penn 6:46.2 3. Syracuse 6:53.0 4. UMass 7:12.4

The UMass boat included: Amber Monson (cox), Kate Grogan, Tara Guinan, Melissa Stewart, Jaime Dicke, Jess Bridge, Allie Bahn, Kristen Boyce, Katie Freeley.

Novice 8: 1. Syracuse 6:56.0 2. Northeastern 7:05.5 3. UMass 7:18.2 4. Penn 7:20.0



The UMass boat included: Dana Pulda (cox), Courtney Mulvihill, Amanda Mawn, Lizzy Hayashida, Stephanie Rist, Rachael Nealer, Julie Markus, Michelle Woodford, Julia Stern.

2nd Novice 8: 1. Northeastern 7:28.7 2. UMass 8:03.4

The Umass boat included: Natalie Salerno (cox), Anne Osborn, Karalyn Walk, Dani Burns, Brittany Thompson, Sara Weinstock, Sara Collins, Leisl Bauman. Jackie Burgoyne.

Lightweight 8: 1. MIT "A" 7:15.8 2. UMass 7:37.3 3. MIT "B" 7:46.4

The UMass boat included: Mary Horan (cox), Tracy Altamura, Melissa Kelly, Abby Lively, Heather Harrington, Lyndsy Belliveau-Byam, Erin Kershaw, Maria Arcari, Kara Linnehan.

Varsity 4: 1. Penn 7:44.8 2. Northeastern 7:47.3 3. Syracuse 8:02.19 4. UMass 8:37.2

The UMass boat included: Allison Medoff (cox), Aimee Bourassa, Jay Yankowski, Jackie Tuell, Justina Jassen.

Novice 4: 1. UMass 8:33.9 2. Syracuse 8:39.1

The UMass boat included: Allison Medoff (cox), Jenn Kennedy, Laura Condella, Annie Pacheco, Baille Jones.

Lightweight 4: 1. MIT "Novice A" 7:48.0 2. UMass "Varsity/Novice A" 8:03.0 3. MIT "Novice B" 8:39.1

The UMass boat included: Kirsten Mangan (cox), Melissa Kelly, Lyndsy Belliveau-Byam, Erin Kershaw, Kara Linnehan.

Lightweight 4: 1. MIT "Varsity 4" 8:23 2. MIT "Novice 4" 8:55 3. UMass "Varsity/Novice B" 9:02

The UMass boat included: Mary Horan (cox), Tracy Altamura, Heather Harrington, Abby Lively, Maria Arcari.

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