Women's Rowing

Rowing Competes Against Brown and Rutgers

UMass went down to Providence this past weekend.

UMass went down to Providence this past weekend.

April 10, 2004

PROVIDENCE, R.I. - Results from Saturday's race with Brown and Rutgers on April 10, 2004 on the Seekonk River.

c. Lindsay Price
s. Jackie Tuell
7. Michelle O'Neill
6. Alyson Zillmann
5. Liz Fuhrman
4. Audrey Green
3. Allie Bahn
2. Heather Hammond
b. Abby Lively
3rd place UMass 8:26.01; 2nd place Rutgers 8:06.07; 1st place Brown 7:34.50

c. Kristina Ferraro
s. Jaime Dicke
7. Ellen Maskrey
6. Hannah Brewster
5. Christina Macfarlane
4. Jess Bridge
3. Farrell Klein
2. Kristen Boyce
b. Tara Guinan

3rd place Rutgers 7:54.91; 2nd place UMass 7:47.71; 1st place Brown 7:24.32

c. Lindsay Price
s. Kate Grogan
3. Jay Yankowski
2. Megan Pittman
b. Ann Roberts

3rd place UMass 9:07.58; 2nd place Rutgers 8:31.44; 1st place Brown 7:55.50

c. Jodi Laub
s. Kate Bonner
7. Naomi Rudov
6. Faith Miller
5. Gabrielle Papineau
4. Katie Berger
3. Katie Freeley
2. Melissa Stewart
b. Laura Hutchinson



3rd place UMass 7:29.99; 2nd place Rutgers 7:23.68; 1st place Brown 6:55.12

c. Carrie Champigny
s. Hayley McGrath
7. Lizzy Boyle
6. Lea Jakobsen
5. Lauren Cromwell
4. Katie O'Brien
3. Stephanie Hopf
2. Faith Harkins
b. Cat Gariepy

3rd place Rutgers 6:47.56; 2nd place UMass 6:35.34; 1st place Brown 6:30.84

*In this past week's polls, Brown was ranked #5 in the country. This second place finish for UMass is a good indicator to the speed of the UMass Varsity Eight.


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