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Typadis Is In A Class Of Her Own

Kathleen Typadis

Kathleen Typadis

April 28, 2005

Typadis is in a class of her own By Rob Greenfield, Collegian Staff

April 27, 2005

It all started with a boys' lacrosse clinic in Medfield. Kathleen Typadis was in fifth grade and went - along with a couple of neighbors - to try it out for a day. She wasn't well prepared, bringing whatever athletic gear she had to get her through the afternoon. There weren't any girls' clinics then, so the boys' clinic was the only ticket in town.

It was only appropriate that it started out this way for Kathleen Typadis, who now owns the UMass rookie scoring record as well as the goals record. She began her freshman year on a torrid pace, scoring hat tricks in her first three games, one coming against the top-10 ranked Boston University Terriers.

After a game against Albany on Mar. 13, just four games into the season, Typadis was named the Atlantic 10's Co-Rookie of the Week. She was officially on the radar screen.

If you looked at the UMass squad in warm ups, Typadis - in her 5' 2" frame - would not stand out. What separates her from the competition is not just her athletic ability, which is what her teammates and the rest of the league would find out.

Typadis plays with a fire that is sometimes overwhelming to the competition, as she has consistently dissected defenses with her own two feet. Her intensity shows through in her personality and her game. When she runs at full speed, there are few on her team or in the conference that can catch her. But Typadis will have none of this talk, being as modest as she is talented.

"These [teammates] have helped me out with everything," Typadis said. "I can't take any credit for it. I have so much more to learn. Everyday I feel overwhelmed with what I need to work on."

The freshman began this year without a clue as to how it would turn out. It was actually a toss up between soccer and lacrosse for Typadis, as to which she would try to play in college. Needless to say, she made the right choice.

"It was between [lacrosse] and soccer." She said. "And I thought I had a better shot at [lacrosse] because it was new, and because it was new to me too."

Typadis has joined the ranks of the UMass women's lacrosse team with 13 other freshmen on a 24 person roster. This is a huge amount of underclassmen for UMass coach Carrie Bolduc to handle, with a young team always in danger of catching the immaturity bug.

However, as coach Bolduc has repeated countless times, the youth on the team responded well to the adversities of a full lacrosse season and provided a spark when needed.

This year's women's team - like the Boston Red Sox - has a cast of interesting and colorful characters. Although their antics fall well short of throwing back shots of Jack Daniels before games, Typadis will admit that this isn't your run-of-the-mill squad.

"We're pretty crazy," Typadis joked. "We go to the campus pond to try and catch fish sometimes."

Fishing in the pond? Maybe these girls have gone off the deep end, but it has been these types of stunts that have become emblematic of the freshmen identity. Typadis fits right in.

When the team started going on road trips at the beginning of the year, three freshmen started a band that they called "Agoo". Typadis led the gang and rocked out on the acoustic guitar, while freshmen Julie Papaleo and Kristina Twichell helped with the vocals and the song writing.

The lyrics are in a dialect that, apparently, no one can understand except a select few on the team. While they haven't been getting together as of late, they are still writing lyrics chock-full of inside jokes and comic relief.

The lacrosse schedule is intense and time consuming all year long, but - along with playing the acoustic guitar - Typadis finds time to watch various reality shows on MTV, and she is an admitted "OC" watcher (many people watch it but there are very few who can admit it). She is an avid Red Sox fan and her favorite player is - of course - Johnny Damon, with Jason Varitek running a close second.

Her athleticism goes well beyond the lacrosse field. She was a soccer player in high school and plays pick up basketball once in a while. While most of us are sinking in to the coach watching "Sportscenter", Typadis is always outside when she can be, using all of her athletic skills that have stood out so much at Garber Field this year.

It is appropriate that Typadis started her career off playing with the guys, and no coincidence that the "Rocky" movies are some of her favorites. Typadis plays tough and prides herself on hustle. She is the type of player in sports who you love to have on your team, but hate to see on the other sideline.

"My expectations of myself are very high," Typadis said. "So if I'm not doing what I know I should be doing, I get frustrated. I don't think about anything else except what I can do to win."

Her affable personality is complemented by an intensity that is reflected in her play. But she has not become the player she is without some help. It doesn't hurt to have the defending Atlantic 10 Defensive Player of the Year push you around in practice every day. That would be senior captain Kristin St. Hilaire, who - along with junior Kerri Connerty - has become a guiding influence for Typadis on and off the field.

"Kerri [Connerty] has been working with me every day and telling me what I need to work on constantly. And I like that," she said. "Saint [Hilaire], as a defender, there's no one better than her. They're very good to me."

There was an intimidation factor going against the Atlantic 10 Defensive Player of the Year, however.

"She's pretty intimidating," Typadis said. "I had to become more multidimensional. But once I knew I could face her I knew I'd be alright."

St. Hilaire, a fifth-year senior, is as tough as they come - you don't become defensive player of the year without knowing how to throw a few elbows. And she has seen a little bit of herself in Typadis, as the freshmen has brought the aggressiveness to the offensive end of the field this year.

"She's feisty like I am," St. Hilaire said. "Which is good because you usually don't see that in attackers. It's nice to have that mentality down at the other end [of the field]."

Over the weekend, St. Hilaire matched up with George Washington sophomore attacker Laura Hostetler who leads the Colonials in multiple offensive categories, and is in the top 3 in the Atlantic 10 in goals, assists and points. That was just the usual for St. Hilaire, as most of the time she gets matched up with the other team's best. Her biggest praise, however, was reserved for Typadis.

"She challenges me just as much as I challenge her," St. Hilaire said. "I haven't played against an attacker this year that's better than she is, so it's good to get out there everyday and play against her. She's hard to read and you never know what she's going to do. She's the hardest person I've had to guard throughout my career."

And this is coming from a defender that regularly chews up the A-10's best attackers. But Typadis' game demands this kind of attention, as she has lead the team in scoring this year, and is right behind Kerri Connerty for the team lead in points. Connerty, along with St. Hilaire, has helped Typadis progress and develop a multidimensional offensive game.

"She has so many new elements to her game," Connerty said. "She's gotten more knowledgeable about what's going on, on offense. In the last couple of games, we've seen her mature in terms of coming up with something big, or not getting down. She's also talking more now and becoming more of a vocal leader."

So there it is. A year that ended in disappointment for women's lacrosse team against George Washington now unfolds with promise. A team full of talented freshmen and sophomores has only a few more games left in the regular season before they will pack it in for the year.

Next year, however, this young team will have another season under its belt, and a leading scorer from Medfield with another year of experience. And you know the scary part? Kathleen Typadis has three more years to go.




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