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Meet The Minutewomen: Senior Defender Kelsey McGovern

All-American Kelsey McGovern sits down with UMassAthletics.com to give some insight into the nationally ranked Minutewomen.

All-American Kelsey McGovern sits down with UMassAthletics.com to give some insight into the nationally ranked Minutewomen.

April 22, 2014

As the 2014 season continues, UMassAthletics.com will bring you regular editions of Meet The Minutewomen - A question and answer session with members of the nationally ranked UMass women's lacrosse team. Get to know their stories, the personalities of their teammates and what makes the program one of the most successful in the country over the last four years.

Today's edition features senior defender Kelsey McGovern who is from Acton, Mass.

•Why did you choose to come to UMass?
I came to UMass with Angela when she made the decision to leave UConn. It was a great fit as I am from Massachusetts! So.... In a way UMass chose me.

•What did you like most about this school?
Lacrosse seems to be such a staple sport here on campus. It is fun to be a part of a successful program.

•What did you like most about the lacrosse program?
We have such a history of winning. I like to win!

•What is a talent that you have than most don't know about?
Many don't know I can really rock the piano. I keep it kind of a secret!

•Where is the most interesting place you've visited?
I haven't been anywhere really cool, but I would have to say the Bahamas. My twin brother and I went to Atlantis when we graduated high school with our good friends. Who wants a graduation party when you can go on vacation instead!?

•Outside of athletics, what interests do you have?
I am very passionate about outdoor education. Through YMCA Camp Takodah out in New Hampshire I teach their spring, fall, and summer programs. I work with college sports teams, freshmen orientations, church groups and school groups. I run initiative games with them, take them on the ropes course where I challenge kids and adults to face fears and step outside their comfort zone 40 feet in the air, and encourage whole group communication and bonding. It is so much fun, and it gives me an opportunity to be outdoors. Honestly, I just love to climb anything whether it be rocks, ropes, trees ect.



•How do you like to start your day?
When I don't have class or practice until late morning or afternoon I like to start my day with Bikram Yoga M/W/F in North Hampton. Otherwise, I enjoy waking up drinking my coffee or tea in my bed while checking Facebook, twitter, or email before I head to class.

•What are some of your staple foods & what are your "cheat" foods?
My roommates know that cupcakes are my kryptonite. But, my staple foods are Yogurt, Hummus, Rice Cakes, Buffalo chicken, and Seltzer.

•What are some of your must see TV shows?
I really dont watch TV when I am at school, but I am a sucker for trashy reality TV.

•What do you want to be doing in five years?
Always a tough question, but I hope to be happy. I am hopeful that I will be a licensed Physical Therapist or even a Division one coach. (Ultimate dream - pro cyclist on her way to the Olympics....always need a dream right?)

•Who is the most influential person or people in your life?
I have crossed paths with many influential people, but I must give it to one of my previous coaches Sarah Albrecht. Sarah emulates hard work, and perseverance. She is such a tenacious athlete and team player. I would also give it to my mom. That gal rocks. Colleen is such a supporter of everything I do, and shout out to her nursing abilities of giving the best flu shots.

•You find out you can go anywhere in the world but you have to leave today and get to be there for one week. Where do you go, who do you bring with you and what do you want to experience?
Greece or Italy. I want to do a bike tour around the two countries. An unknown fact is that I really love church architecture and design and would love to make that a part of my trip! I would go by myself, nothing better than a self-adventure.

•What is your least favorite thing about being on the lacrosse team?
Playing in the rain. There is nothing more I hate than getting my hair wet ughhhh.

•Who is the funniest person on the team and why (examples are good!)
My roommate Sam is notorious for one liners and quick comebacks, but Shannon Defliese is just ridiculous. She brings pure comedy to our everyday lives.

•Who is the worst dancer on the team?
Shannon Defliese....but she totally knows it.

•Who is the best singer on the team?
Old shoutout to Lauren Terracciano, but currently......Allison Ryan. I feel like people don't know it, but I've caught her a few times jamming in the back of my car.

•Who is the smartest person (random knowledge and/or book smarts)?
Melissa Carelli - book smarts, Sam Rush has got a lot of random knowledge though.

•What are some pregame rituals that different people have?
Mine are not anything special. Personally, I MUST straighten my hair (everyone does this I'm sure and its so dumb because I will sweat in a matter of seconds on the field and have a frizzy pony but hey.... A ritual is a ritual), I ALWAYS will wear my grey Umass Lax hooded sweatshirt from years ago to warm up in regardless of the temperature. Finally, (this is embarrassing) but it needs a background story... I wear my thick lululemon white headband for every single game because when I was a freshmen during a fall ball tournament we were warming up in shuttle lines and Ange called me over to speak with me. Ange asked if I wanted to wear her white lululemon headband instead of mine (lime green, from high school...what was I thinking?) Frazzled and severely confused I came up with some sort of reply of "why I like mine?"...she continued with basically taking mine off my head and physically putting hers on mine...so embarrassing, but it has turned into my game day attire and ritual.A lot of people have some ritual game day hair. I get some major tired hands as being one of the team braiders, but thank god Anne holds the title.

•Who do you live with and what is something interesting about that person?
I live with 2 of my teammates; Katie Ferris and Sam Rush. Katie is obsessed with nail polish, and Sam is an amazing cook.

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