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Q & A With UMass Lacrosse Player Erica Shapiro

Erica spent half of her summer in Australia this past summer playing in a women's lacrosse league.

Erica spent half of her summer in Australia this past summer playing in a women's lacrosse league.

April 2, 2006

UMass junior Erica Shapiro is one of the top defenders on the women's team and has started in 25 consecutive games. This past summer, Erica spent time in Australia playing with the Wilderness Club of the STX Women's League in Australia. Farrah Segaloff from UMass Media Relations had a chance to catch up with Erica, check out her interview.

Have you always been involved in lacrosse? I started getting into lacrosse my sophomore year of high school. It was originally a club team at my school, but one of my friends moved here from Maryland and she was able to get the program started. The boys wanted to start a team also so we lobbied for it as well as our parents.

Are there any other sports you played competitively growing up? When I was little I was into everything from soccer and basketball to dance, horse back riding, swimming, and skiing. As for lacrosse, I've only been playing since sophomore year, so for me it was so new and fun to learn.

Do you feel that as an athlete you act as a role model for younger girls? Yes. When I go back home I feel like I'm a role model. Out here, I don't get to do as much with the community, but back home I definitely feel like a role model.

What brought you to UMass? I actually chose UMass for UMass, not for sports. I had talked with the coach beforehand, but mostly I walked onto the team. Originally I was planning on going to other schools for soccer, but in the end I chose UMass.

What do you plan on majoring at UMass? I'm in the School of Management and majoring in finance. I want to be able to get a good job and the money is pretty good too.

Do you find it hard balancing lacrosse and schoolwork? Sometimes it can be difficult, but I think the whole balancing thing helps me to get my work done. If I didn't have to manage my time, I think I would be a little lazy and just wouldn't get it done.

What's the best part about being an athlete at UMass? I think the best part would have to be my teammates. I love my team and they're my best friends here. It keeps me busy gives me balance between things.

How was your past summer playing in a summer lacrosse league in Australia? It was awesome. This girl Sascha Newmarch, who played at Maryland and now lives in Australia, emailed the coached here about the summer league and the coaches forwarded the email to the players. For me I had always wanted to go to Australia. I can't go during the year or study abroad because lacrosse is all year around so this was something that interested me. I sent an email back to apply and then you were drafted by different teams. I spent two months down there and loved it. It was amazing and a lot of fun.

Do you have any specific plans for this summer regarding lacrosse or school related? Not really. Actually Kath [Kathleen Typandis] and I are thinking about starting a lacrosse camp back home, but it might have to wait till next summer. I also might try to work at a lacrosse company, but I'm trying to find an internship first.

What do you like to do on the weekends at UMass? What do you usually do on the weekends out here? I really enjoy sports, and going shopping and hanging out with my friends. I love traveling so whenever I get a chance or get a whole weekend off I'll go visit friend's schools. If I have free time I like to just go visit people and hang out

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? In ten years I'll be 31 so hopefully I'll have a family, but I'm not sure where though. I might have one or two kids and a good job. But I just want to be happy and successful.

Do you have any other plans for the future? I really want to run the Boston Marathon. I'm not going to do it until the year after I graduate. I can't really do it now because we'd have practice the next day so I don't think that would really work. I also want to travel to the Mediterranean and places like that. My cousins live in Europe, in London, so I want to go there also. I need to get a job and do well first though if I want to do all this traveling.




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