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Coach Dawley A-10 Media Day Teleconference Quotes

Third-year head coach Sharon Dawley spoke to members of the media during the Atlantic 10 Conference Women's Basketball Teleconference on Wednesday

Third-year head coach Sharon Dawley spoke to members of the media during the Atlantic 10 Conference Women's Basketball Teleconference on Wednesday

Oct. 24, 2012

UMass women's basketball head coach Sharon Dawley spoke with the media during Wednesday's teleconference. Dawley talked about the expectations of the program for the 2012-13 season as well as what is being expected of the newcomers and how the senior leaders will lead the squad.

On the make-up of the 2012-13 roster...
"We are returning eight players, but we have four freshman that we predict will be playing quite a bit and a transfer that is eligible to play this year as well. We have five new faces, so as much as it sounds like we have eight experienced players; we predict the five newcomers will play quite a bit. We feel very young at this point, but along with that we are very excited that we have a lot of depth and a lot of new faces and we will be able to inject more scoring and speed into the lineup than we have had in the past."

On the improvements she expects to see entering the season...
"We will be able to run the floor a lot better this year and be able to get Jasmine Watson more good looks with the guards we have surrounding her. She is quite a force when we get her the ball when she needs it and we had difficulties with that in the past. I predict she will look better and our running game will look better."

On the difficulties and benefits of building a program in a tough league like the A-10...
"It is definitely a very competitive league and hard to make a fast leap moving forward because everyone is so strong. It is consistent with any rebuilding situation in that it takes some time, but this league is so strong and now so deep with 16 teams this year. As tough as it is to break into the top half of this conference because it is so strong, you have a lot of recruiting benefits because of its strengths. We are able to tell recruits that we are one of the top conferences in the country sending teams to the NCAA Tournament year-in and year-out and they are doing well there."



On what approach the team will make in terms of overall defense this season...
"Last year one of our biggest problems was that we didn't have very much speed so we could not get after it in the perimeter a whole lot. We were also beat off of the bounce quite a bit, so I believe putting a few faster athletes into the lineup will help us on that front. I don't think strategy ever changes. You need to take care of the basics and you never want to give up the paint. That is something we did a lot of last season and I think that has to do with the agility issues we had."

On how the veterans on the team will help the newcomers adjust to playing in the A-10...
"We have two seniors in Jasmine Watson and Dee Montgomery that have been in the A-10 mix over the last few years and understand the conference and how the adventure goes. Jasmine can speak about some successes and failures as she has seen both sides of it. Dee, although she has been a reserve player, has matured nicely into a leadership role as Jasmine has and understands that we want to get better quickly. This is our chance, it is a new season and they know we have to out-work everybody everyday. Those two have combined to do a great job to remind the young kids that we have to keep the mindset that we need to work harder than anyone else and the camaraderie and chemistry has to be there."


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