Men's Swimming

Sacco's Swim Blog - Entry No. 9

Jan. 9, 2013

AMHERST, Mass. - With their annual winter training trip in San Juan, Puerto Rico coming to a close, the Minutemen prepare to head home on Thursday in time for the URI Invitational. Senior Peter Sacco documents the past few days of training in his ninth blog entry of the 2012-13 season.

The following is an excerpt from his latest entry. To read the entire blog CLICK HERE.

We now have two days of training left in Puerto Rico. The last four days have been tough, and the team is fighting to maintain a high level of positive energy. Morning practice blends into evening practice, which in turn dissolves into morning practice once again. Throughout it all, each of us is putting the work in that will bring the UMass Men's Swim Team another A10 championship in roughly six weeks time. Following are a few notable events from the last few days.

This past Sunday, six or seven guys were working a resistance sprint set in lane one. The nature of the set allowed for each of us to sprint the length of the pool with the assistance of a long bungee cord, which was tied to both our waist and the block at the far end. Teammates at the far end of the pool would further assist the swimmer by rapidly pulling in the bungee cord. When sophomore John Conway stepped up for his 50, the rest of us worked collectively to pull him in as fast as possible. Suddenly, the bungee cord snapped and whipped back across the pool. Most of us escaped with little effect, but senior Tim O'Neill wasn't so lucky. He let out a howl and scrambled about the deck feverishly, finally jumping in the pool in search of relief. The bungee cord had caught Tim in the shoulder, arm, and lat, where there soon appeared a large and discolored welt. Naturally, being the respectful and caring teammates that we are, the rest of us were brought to our knees with laughter.



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