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Postgame Quotes: UMass 2, BU 1

Nov. 23, 2007

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Head Coach Sam Koch on not letting BU's forwards inside the box:
That's the plan. We don't want them to get in there. They did a great job today; I'm very pleased. We made it exciting there at the end. We just didn't want the fans to go home feeling it wasn't an exciting game.

Goalkeeper Simmons on BU's last minute rush:
The ball squirted free and there was a guy behind Chris Brown. I didn't know if he could get to it first, so I came out to try and get to it. I didn't know if I could get there; obviously the BU guy beat me to the ball. It trickled very, very slowly, and hit the post. I got lucky. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.

Forward Michael Jejna on his goal in the second half:
It was a corner kick. Doug Rappaport crossed it in, and Kenny got his head on it. Luckily enough, it dropped right in front of me, and I put it away. I've been way passed due. Working hard has paid off.

Koch's overall thoughts on the game:
I'm pleased with the result. Like every game, you've got things to work on. We showed a few things we could do a little bit better, especially for the game on Wednesday. I'm pleased that we're here, very pleased that we're going to practice on Sunday. That was our goal, practice on Sunday, and now we have it.

Koch on his calm demeanor on the sideline:
You try to stay calm and let the players do the job. First half especially, I thought we had good control of the game and there's no need for me to be up and about.

Midfielder Stuart Amick on scoring first:
Whenever we score first, we usually are successful. When we don't, those are the games that usually slip by us. It's huge for us being a really strong defensive team to get one in and release some pressure. It allows us to do what we do best.

Simmons on the feeling being in the NCAA Tournament:
It's a dream come true. We're excited to be here. BU came out with a lot of heart. Congratulations to them for making it and coming out and playing very well today. Like coach said, the goal was to be practicing on Sunday and we got that. It's a huge opportunity for this program and this team.

Koch on team's style of play:
If the other team doesn't score, you don't lose. It's a simple game, simple principles. If we prevent them from scoring, we're in the game all the time, and we'll get opportunities. We have good frontrunners that are young and learning all the time. We're excited about the fact that on a given day, someone will step forward and get that goal for us. We're not going to blow people away 4-2, 5-3, we're going to win games 1-0, 2-1. We know that and we try to play our strengths and do everything we can to hide our weaknesses.

Koch on the team's corner kicks:
Our service has been better. On the corner kicks, it's all about the service. Finally, we're putting balls where we want to. Guys are on the other end of it. I couldn't be happier.

Simmons on the intensity of the game:
Very exciting. Half way through the second half, emotions got going for both teams. It was important to play with that intensity and fire we've had all season. I was working hard, and Kenny was, to get the team to calm down and play with that intensity, but channel it the right ways. A couple times, we lost our cool, but overall, we did a very good job of matching their intensity, but doing it in a smart and composed way.

Koch on the team's intensity:
Last year I don't think we would have been able to do it. Being a year older, we're much better at controlling our emotions. That's huge. Zack as a captain has a huge impact on the players. Some of the other seniors do a good job of calming other people down. It's exciting.

Simmons looking ahead to Wednesday:
Playing the #1 team in the country, I don't think I'll have to get anyone riled up and ready to play. It's going to be a matter of not getting too excited and focus on Wednesday. We've got to keep loose.

Koch on the challenge ahead:
We've already played some outstanding teams already: Saint Louis and Rhode Island. It's not like we haven't been there before against teams of this quality. More than anything else, it's controlling the things that we can control. Keeping within the roles of what we have to do as a team. If we do that well, we're going to get the result. I feel confident that we can win the game. We're going against the #1 team, they've got some weapons that we'll have to contain. But we've got a very good guy at the end of the table (Simmons) that can stop them.




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