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Post-Game Quotes: UMass-Hofstra NCAA Quarterfinal

May 20, 2006

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Head Coach Greg Cannella
Opening Statement: "One of the toughest things in sports is to beat a team twice, especially a team that is as good as Hofstra. They won 17 games in a row and they had a fantastic season. This was an incredible performance by our players, and is a testament to their perseverance and hard work throughout the year. To come back like that in this game and then win it in overtime is fantastic."

On being down 10-5: "We have been able to do that at times this year and in the past. I am not so sure at 10-7 that is was totally turned around. It wasn't until we got it to eight or nine that I felt that `Yea, we are back in this.' I just thought our guys stepped up their game."

On significance of the win and going to the Final Four: "It will be hard, trust me. It is a great win for a lot of people who mean a lot to the program. That is for all those alum, all of our parents. Means more to me that those people are happy and that our guys are happy that they accomplished something that no one else has."

Freshman Attack Jim Connolly
On scoring the game-winning goal: "It was a great pass by Brett Garber. I cleared through and was lucky enough to get open in the middle of the field. I was just looking for the big white part of the net and I put it back there. Garber got into a good shooting spot, so they had to go double him. Once my man went to double him, I just cut off his back and was wide open."

His thoughts right after scoring the goal: "I was just excited. Excited for our coaches, my teammates, and the seniors."

Senior Defender Jack Reid
Thoughts on making the Final Four: "Just elated. This is something that everyone in the program has worked so hard for and for some of the guys who came before, who worked just as hard or harder who did not get there. It feels ridiculously wonderful."

Senior Attack Sean Morris
On importance of making the Final Four: "This is a big step, we always thought that we were a Final Four team, but had not been able to play our best in the quarterfinals. The first half I don't think that we played our best ball, but that second half and fourth quarter, guys stepped up and made plays."

Freshman Goalkeeper Doc Schneider
On his save in overtime: "The whole game the leaders worked to help keep me calm. I just focused as much as I could on the ball and I made the save."


Head Coach John Danowski
Opening Statement:
"Well its obvious the last nine and a half minutes we broke down all over the field. It wasn't any one thing. I thought that we certainly lost our poise in those last nine minutes. Took a bad penalty off the face-off, turned the ball over. If you look at the clearing stats, we had cleared the ball perfectly up until the fourth quarter and then failed to clear three times in the fourth quarter. Certainly you have to tip your hat to UMass. Jack Reid came up big at the midfield line and did a great job. Their kids were very poised and made some plays. You've got to tip your hat to your opponent and they certainly deserved to win. We just didn't handle the last nine minutes. We didn't play the last nine minutes like we played the first 51."

"At 10-8, we kept on telling our guys its 60 minutes, pay attention to the details. I never sensed we were panicking; I didn't sense that we were holding on. I though that someone would step up and make a play and we just didn't and their guys did."

"We told our guys all week that this would be a one-goal game. There are so many plays over the course of a game, its not the play at the end, that's the one people remember, but it's all the little plays over the course of a game that maybe could have gotten you a bigger lead or could have prevented a play on their end from happening. I thought we didn't make some of those plays over the first 45 minutes that could have even increased our lead."

Heart-breaking Loss:
" This is right up there. But in the balance of life and life experiences, this is not the end of the world. But it hurts. I am saddened that I won't get to spend another week with these kids because they've been wonderful."

Sophomore Midfielder Mike Unterstein
"They're a good team and they were making a run. I was hoping we were going to get possession but we just couldn't clear the ball, just mental errors. And they just kept coming at us."

Sophomore Goalkeeper Matt Southard
"At 10-5 we knew we had to keep playing for 60 minutes. Like Coach said in that last quarter we just lost our poise. UMass is a great team, they never gave up and maybe they just wanted it more."

On Game Winning-Goal:
"We made the first stop and they got a stop and came back down. I knew they would try and get it to the crease, just didn't expect it to happen that quick. The kid (UMass's Jim Connolly) made a slick play in the crease. He just got open, got it and put it low."

On the Season:
"As a whole, it's been great. I don't think anyone on our team expected a winning streak like this. Looking back on it, it's been great. I love every one of the seniors and everyone on the team and I definitely think we set the bar up higher for the standard for Hofstra lacrosse."



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