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On To The NCAA Quarterfinals: UMass Tops No. 6 Cornell, 10-9

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University of Massachusetts Head Coach Greg Cannella Opening Statement:
Obviously, it was a very exciting game. Cornell coming in, I thought, was one of the better teams we had watched on tape this entire year. They are an excellent program and a great team and we're very fortunate to come off the mat, being down three nothing, and our guys showed a lot of resiliency to come back and persevere. I think when we did get up we got ourselves a little bit of confidence that we were able to carry through the game.

Jake Reid on the last shot:
We knew they were gonna go to the net and probably take one of our short sticks. The kid (Joe Boulukos) did a hell of a job to get to the cage, Doc (Schneider) got a piece of it and Sean Krygier came up with the biggest ground ball of the day. I think he saw me on the other side of the cage and did everything he could to get the ball there. Once I got it, I just corralled it and the game was pretty much over.

Cannella on his decision to play Reid on Boulukos:
The decision is easy cause Boulukos is probably the best midfielder that's out there that I've seen and we feel we have a pretty good player in Jack Reid, so that match up and that decision is very easy.

Reid on Boulukos:
Boulukos is a great player and I had my hands full today. I tried to do my best to stay in his gloves and make his shots difficult to get off and even doing that he was still getting shots on cage. He's a phenomenal player and I was just doing my best to stay with him.

Deane on face offs:
Possession of the ball in any sport is important because you need the ball to score. My performance was alright, I could probably do better. I lost a couple in the fourth quarter and let them get back into the game.



Cannella on face offs:
When you look at the stats, they're all fairly even except that one so it was a huge factor in the game. We had 19 turnovers but any time they scored, it seemed like we got the ball back and any time we scored, it seemed like we got the ball back so I thought it was a huge factor and I give Jake a lot of credit for that.

Cannella on Fred Federico's game-tying goal:
I told the guys in the locker room that it takes a lot of courage to take a shot like that when you're down by a goal and there are only a couple minutes to go in the game. But he's that kind of a kid, so give kudos to him cause he did it against a pole and he was determined on the play and it was an outstanding shot.

Freshman goalie Jonathan "Doc" Schneider on the game:
They got out to a quick start so that was a little difficult but the coaches told me to keep my head up and just have mental toughness and bounce back from that.

Senior attackman Sean Morris on this UMass team going forward to the quarterfinals:
In years past we haven't really been dominate in goalkeeping or face offs and that's a key. So I have a lot of confidence in Jake (Deane) and Doc (Schneider) in the cage. We played a great team today and we were able to ride those two guys backs so I have a lot of confidence.

Cornell University Head Coach Jeff Tambroni Opening Statement:
Overall, I guess I'm disappointed that our season comes to an end right now but I'm not disappointed with the way the guys competed. I thought the game was won and loss in between the 30s and we had some uncharacteristic turnovers but what was characteristic of this team and this group of seniors was that they battled right to the very end. Unfortunately, we just came away today one or two goals short of moving on. But all in all it was a great season and I'm proud of my association with Cornell lacrosse and proud of the way these seniors battled all year in a 'rebuilding' year to put us back in this position to be Ivy League champions and be in the NCAA playoffs.

Tambroni on the game:
I don't think there was any one guy who underperformed so grossly that he put us in a position to loss 10-9. When you aren't picking up ground balls, when your not clearing at the rate you should be at this level of the game and this juncture of the season then you probably don't deserve to win and UMass probably deserves to win because they made more plays. As hurtful as that is for me to say it's the reality of today's situation and we have to live with and hopefully learn from it and carry it on to next year's team.

Senior midfielder Joe Boulukos on UMass' defenseman Jack Reid:
He's a big, tall, rangy guy but in the beginning I felt like I was getting my shots off. But he's just a big guy and he gets out in front of you and he covers so much ground and when you think you're by him he's still able to get that stick out there and make a play. I have to give him credit, he played great.

Tambroni on Reid vs. Boulukos:
Coming in, we definitely assumed he'd (Reid) be matched up on Joey. I think you have to take their best defenseman and put him on our best offensive player so we were certainly prepared for that and I think Joey handled that very well ... I would take Joey in a match up against anybody in the country, including Jack Reid, but on this particular day I think Jack did a great job. But, Joey still did a tremendous job of creating a lot of stuff for our offense, just by his presence on the field, even without the ball, he creates so much of a diversion for other guys, so other guys scoring is a credit to how much attention is paid to Joey.

Tambroni on UMass' face-offs:
Even though we didn't have a whole lot of successes on the face off, I thought the biggest downfall was our inability to pick up the ball off the ground when it was kicked out. There were times when the ball was kicked out 10-yards form the face-off X and we didn't do a good job of picking the ball up off the ground. So, when you have to defend 17 times off the face off vs. your six times that makes it very difficult. Our defense played a lot and our offense didn't get the touches it needed to generate the goals that it needed to be successful. So you have to give a lot of credit to (Jake) Deane more than anyone else on their team because he controlled that part of the game for UMass and in the end, that was probably the key portion of the game.

Senior attackman Derek Haswell on Cornell's play today:
We made a bunch of uncharacteristic turnovers in the middle of the field and that came from a lot of different guys. We definitely played hard, that's one thing we did consistently throughout the game. But we missed chances to pick up ground ball opportunities or catch balls coming over the midline that we just didn't make.

Tambroni on McMonagle:
I thought he played well. He made seven saves and I'm sure there were a couple he'd like to have back but if you evaluate the shots that were taken I think we gave up a lot of shots from three or four-yards out that make it difficult to statistically analyze what he did. He made most of the saves we would have expected and some that they were scored were in tight. He's consistent and he's been consistent all year.

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