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Meyers' Movie Blog #8 - Mass Attack Gets Romantic

Dan shares his thoughts on romantic comedies in this edition of the movie blog.

Dan shares his thoughts on romantic comedies in this edition of the movie blog.

Nov. 28, 2009

Behind every good man, there's a strong woman. And typically, that woman would prefer a good romantic comedy over an action movie any time there is a choice. In this edition of Dan Meyers' Movie Blog, the senior goalie explores the world of the chick flick and shows the softer side of the UMass Hockey Team.

Hello everybody!

We're a few months into the season and it's about time for a new blog. My teammates and I have thrown around many ideas all worthy of the theme for this blog.

Ultimately we wanted to change it up a little bit and go the unexpected route. This week's theme is Romance-Comedies. Also known as "Chick Flicks". Even the toughest of athletes have been known to enjoy a chick flick from time to time. I know I have and according to the responses of my teammates, they too dabble in the romance-comedy genre.

It's a genre of movies that every man with a girlfriend needs to accept. Without further ado, here's some of the top Romance-Comedies of all time.....

Any title followed by a * means I have seen and enjoyed.

Moulin Rouge (Ewan McGregor & Nicole Kidman star in this 2001 hit)

The Notebook* (Ryan Gosling & Rachael McAdams star)

Sleepless In Seattle* (The first of the Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan classics)

Casablanca (Legendary movie with legendary acting)

You've got Mail* (The latest of the Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan classics from 1998)

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Notting Hill


City of Angels*

Love Actually*

Along Came Polly*

The Break-Up*

Six Days, Seven Nights*


I asked the boys what their favorite Romance-Comedies are as well as their would be love interest......

Casey Wellman- Love Actually, Rachael McAdams
David Boehm- The Notebook " Just a great love at first sight movie that really gives people hope", Megan Fox
Paul Dainton- Zombieland "nothing more heart warming than two kids just surviving in a tough world killing zombies together", Marissa Tomei
Martin Nolet- Ghost "you got everything a man likes...from supernatural things to a young demi moore in tights", Kate Beckinsale
Anthony Raiola- PS I Love you "Great love story", Megan Fox
Rocco Carzo- Titanic "everyone, guys and girls have seen it. Classic story turned into movie, great love story between Jack and Rose. throw in some action, some gunshots, and some nude painting and you got yourself a good chick flick.", Megan Fox
Randy Wolcott- A Walk to Remember "just a great story on how you should love the girl for who she is, not what she has. little tear jerker but mandy moore is great in it.", Megan Fox
Kevin Moore- Dirty Dancing " Patrick Swayze is sooo dreamy", DJ Tanner from Full House
Marc Concannon- Step Up " a romantic story about a mischievous young man who finds himself dancing out of his juvenile ways. A good one for all ages and the steamy plot and hot dance moves will have you at your next high school dance.", Giselle
Mike Marcou- PS I Love You " I cried...."
James Marcou- Twilight " Edward Cullen is just a great actor", Jessica Biel
Brett Watson- How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days " I can't help but watch it whenever it's on TBS, plus I'm a sucker for happy endings", Emmanuelle Chriqui (Sloan from Entourage)
Kevin Kessler- I would have to agree with James Marcou, Twilight is a great movie , that Cullen boy has great complexion, Cameron Diaz
Justin Braun- I'm the Macho Man Movie of the week guy, I don't do chick flicks
Dan Meyers- You've Got Mail , Kate Beckinsale



Justin Braun's Macho Man Movie of the Week
Snatch " This Guy Ritchie film is awesome. It has a great cast including Jason Statham, Benicio Del Toro, Brad Pitt, and Dennis Farina. It's full of dark humor and English accents. It's a must see for any man who considers himself macho."

Trivia Answers From The Last Blog
1. What film was Christopher Nolan's ( Director of the Dark Knight ) break out movie? Answer- Memento

2. How many actors have played James Bond in the everlasting film series? Answer- 7

3. How many Oscars has actress Meryl Streep been nominated for? How many has she won? Answer- 15! And she's only won 2

4. What actor won his only Oscar with a gritty performance in the classic film The Deer Hunter? Answer- Christopher Walken

5. What popular actor made his debut in 1984's A Nightmare on Elm Street? Answer- Johnny Depp

New Trivia Questions
1. What actor was nominated for an Oscar for his performance as Bill "The Butcher" Cutting in Gangs of New York?

2. What two popular actors have spent time enrolled here at the University of Massachusetts?

3. Who directed the independent film Clerks?

4. Which actor spent time as a professional boxer while taking a break from his acting career, which recently has been resurrected?

5. What is so special about Twilight?

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