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Dan Meyers Movie Picks Blog - Junior Goalie Shares His Movie Picks Each Week

Dan Meyers will blog each week about his favorite hobby - watching movies!

Dan Meyers will blog each week about his favorite hobby - watching movies!

Oct. 19, 2008

Hello Everyone! I am Dan Meyers, junior goaltender on the University of Massachusetts hockey team. I am known by my teammates as a movie buff, or nerd, whatever you want to call it. Every other week I will be choosing two different movies to review and get some comments from my roommates that I will share with you. Make sure to check back each week to see what we are watching when we have some time off.

I would consider watching movies my favorite hobby. I try to introduce all different types of movies to my roommates, fellow teammates Chris Davis, Justin Braun, Brett Watson and former teammate Alec Goolsby.

Some I believe to be a little stubborn when it comes to watching new types of movies. But, we mostly have a great time watching even if the guys do not enjoy the movie because then it turns into make-fun-of-Dan time.

I will include some input from some teammates every blog. Every blog I will choose a comedy or "lighter" toned movie, then a drama/action flick. I hope you read and enjoy what you see!

This Week's Flicks - Oct. 19

1. Kingpin
This 1996 comedy was written and directed by the Farrelly Brothers when the director tandem was in their prime. This is a PG-13 rated comedy starring Woody Harrelson and Randy Quaid with a legendary villain role from Bill Murray. The movies synopsis in a nutshell is about a washed up bowler (Harrelson) who had potential and ran into some problems. He then takes up the teaching duties for a naive Amish man whose community is facing eviction from the lands. The ridiculous dialogue and flawless acting by the trio of Harrelson, Quaid, and Murray carry this movie.

Roommates' Thoughts:
Chris Davis - One of my favorites because of Woody Harrelson and Bill Murray's hair



Chris' Movie Snack of the Week - Dorito's collision pizza cravers & ranch flavor

Brett Watson (allergic to dairy) - Watty gives it 3 milk cartons out of 4

Would Justin Braun rather play Xbox or watch this movie? - I would play Xbox through the first half of the movie

2. The Last Samurai
I wanted to put this movie on the first blog not because it is my favorite, but because I always seem to end up watching this movie before games. I love what the movie is all about. If you can get by the absurdness of Tom Cruise being the last samurai, then it is a stellar movie that will not disappoint. Cruise's acting is awesome, but the idea of him being the last samurai is borderline ridiculous. The movie is based off the fall of the Samurai during the time where Japan was transforming its way of life and culture. My favorite aspect of the film is the acting of Ken Wantanabe who plays leader of the Samurai, Katsumoto. If you have 2 ½ hours to kill, watch The Last Samurai.

Roommates' Thought's:

Chris Davis - Tom Cruise's last watchable movie

Brett Watson - 3 ½ ice cream cones out of 4

Would Justin Braun rather play Xbox or watch this movie? - Play Xbox while Tom Cruise is on the screen.

Thanks for supporting the Umass Hockey team and reading my blog! Check back next week for a new edition.

See you at the Rink! Dan Meyers


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