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Meyers' Movie Blog #9: Sports Award Show

Check out Dan's new helmet art. Pulp Fiction on the side and Band of Brothers on bottom front.

Check out Dan's new helmet art. Pulp Fiction on the side and Band of Brothers on bottom front.

Feb. 11, 2010

Well hello fans, I've taken some time off in order to try and come up with a fresh idea for the next blog. It's amazing that after all this time I've never focused on sports movies. Sports can play a role in any genre of movie whether it's comedy, drama, or even action.

Sports are all around us in the world of cinema. In this blog I decided change the format up a bit and present it in an awards show style. This is mostly due to the fact that it's just too hard to choose a few of the best sports movies. It will be broken down into a few of the major sports and I will list the nominees and, of course, the winner. I hope you enjoy reading and it's nice to be back!

2010 UMass Hockey Sports Movies Awards

Best Hockey Movie
Slap Shot
Mighty Ducks
The Rocket

And the winner is.........Slap Shot

This is an obvious choice for any true hockey fan. Slap Shot is one of the most quoted sports movies of all time and rightfully so. Starring Paul Newman, one of the best known actors in Hollywood, this movie is a must see.

Best Baseball Movie
The Natural
Field of Dreams
Major League
Bull Durham

And the winner is..........Major League
Major league is very similar to Slap Shot in the way it combines humor with the drama of the sport. You get to see the different personalities that exist within any team and no movie does that better than Major League. Names like Jake Taylor, Ricky Vaughn, Pedro Cerrano, Willy Mays Hayes, and, of course, Roger Dorn are permanently engraved into the sports movie hall of fame.

Best Football Movie
Remember the Titans
Friday Night Lights
Brian's Song (original)
Any Given Sunday

And the winner is...........Rudy

This was the toughest category due to the amount of movies made about football. I could have easily chosen five more nominees. Rudy is one of the best "feel good" movies of all time. The odds Daniel Ruettiger overcomes makes it inspirational and very fun to watch. Make sure you see if you can spot Vince Vaughn as the overconfident QB.



Best Golf Movies
Happy Gilmore
Tin Cup
The Legend of Bagger Vance
The Greatest Game ever Played

And the winner is........Caddyshack
Where football was the hardest to choose the nominees, Golf was the hardest to choose the winner. It really came down to Happy Gilmore, Tin Cup, and Caddyshack. These three golf movies were all fantastic. Caddyshack edged them both out due to historical performances from both Bill Murray and Chevy Chase. "Four!.......ooof I should've yelled Two!"

Best of the Rest
Raging Bull
Jerry Maguire

And the winner is.......Kingpin

I know I know, how could I have chosen Kingpin over a movie like Hoosiers? Answer is easy, Kingpins hilarious. Woody Harrelson and Bill Murray are superb as two washed up bowlers fighting for the Oder Eaters championship in Las Vegas. Randy Quaid lights it up as well as Roy Munson's Amish understudy.

Best Actor in a Sports Movie
Tom Hanks as Jimmy Dugan in " A League of their Own"
Woody Harrelson as Roy Munson in " Kingpin "
Adam Sandler as Happy Gilmore in " Happy Gilmore "
Paul Newman as Reg Dunlop in " SlapShot "
Robert DeNiro as Jake La Motta in " Raging Bull "

And the winner is.............................................................

I'll be the first to say this category is impossible. I even feel bad leaving out the casts of Caddyshack and Major League. In all honestly Robert DeNiro was phenomenal as Jake La Motta but that's the kind of performance that would get you an Oscar, not a Umass Hockey best sports movie award (if that makes any sense). The bottom line is all these actors brought us a character that is extremely fun to watch and quote with our buddies.

This concludes our awards show, I hope you had fun reading and my selections didn't upset too many of you. The sports movie genre is one that will never get old. Hopefully we will get many more performances down the road that will top our 2010 winners and take over as the Best Sports Movie of all time.

Of course what would a blog be without......Justin Braun's Macho Man Movie of the week!

The Running Man - "I felt this movie would be fitting for this blog. Since the focus is sports why not suggest a film that combines both sport and action. Running Man is a silly action movie that takes place in the future and revolves around a live television show in which other humans hunt the participants. Yes it is barbaric, and yes its ridiculous, but its Arnold. So check it out. Keep your eyes open for the scene where Arnold takes on a big guy in hockey gear on skates. Quite entertaining....See you next time!"

Previous blog trivia answers:
1. What actor was nominated for an Oscar for his performance as Bill "The Butcher" Cutting in Gangs of New York? Daniel-Day Lewis
2. What two popular actors have spent time enrolled here at the University of Massachusetts? Richard Gere and Bill Pullman
3. Who directed the independent film Clerks? Kevin Smith
4. Which actor spent time as a professional boxer while taking a break from his acting career, which recently has been resurrected? Mickey Rourke
5. What is so special about Twilight? Nothing

New Trivia Questions:
1. What tandem of brothers wrote and directed such movies as Fargo, The Big Lebowski, and No Country for Old Men?
2. What musician who played at the Iron Horse in Northampton this past September, just recently won a Golden Globe for best original song in a movie for Crazy Heart?
3. Who was the only actor from the sitcom "Friends" who was never nominated for an Emmy award?
4. How many days did it take for the movie Avatar to reach $500 million dollars in the worldwide box office after opening?
5. How many movies have Martin Scorsese directed Leonardo DiCaprio in including the upcoming "Shutter Island"?

I plan on doing a few more blogs before my time here at UMass comes to an end. So look for some all new blogs in the upcoming weeks and don't forget to come out and support us at the Mullins Center - especially this Friday night when we host Northeastern!


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