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Dec. 29, 2004

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Stephen Werner talks about the win:
It's definitely a big win. I think the biggest thing is getting the first game of the second half of the season under our belts. We want to be a different team and a better team and I think this game puts us on our way.

Gabe Winer on the team's defensive efforts:
I think the biggest thing was that we kept the puck in their end most of the night. We did a great job defensively keeping them on the outside and blocking a lot of shots, which made my job a lot easier.

Stephen Werner talks about patience on offense:
Scoring has definitely been a problem for us this year and during the last couple practices we worked on just hitting the net with our shots. Today we were able to keep the puck in the offensive zone and a lot of our offense came from chances around the net.

Stephen Werner on limiting Princeton's odd-man rushes:
We've been trying to keep a third man high in the offensive zone to support the defense and we still have to work on it, but I think that helped us shut down the odd-man rushes tonight.

Stephen Werner talks about his first goal:
We were struggling to get the puck in the zone on the power play and the puck went to the far corner of the zone and they were putting pressure on us, but they were already down a man. Kevin got the puck and turned around and found me. He gave me a really good pass and I took it wide. I was thinking about pulling up or just shooting it, but I thought I had a step on the guy so I just got around him and held on to it. Luckily the goalie didn't poke check it and I just tossed it up there.

Coach Cahoon comments on the game:
I thought we were surprisingly disciplined in terms of positional play since we haven't played in a few weeks. The kids did a good job playing together and communicating. I thought we were fairly physical especially since we haven't had a game in few weeks because you can do all of the biking, running and lifting you want to do, but it doesn't compare to game fitness.



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