Ice Hockey

Maine 5, UMass 2

Jan. 15, 2005

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- Maine 5, UMass 2
Jan. 15, 2005
Post Game Quotes

Marvin Degon on shorthanded goal:

On the power play you expect to have control and for things to go your way, but it was just a breakdown. Maybe guys let up a little bit and expect too much. They were pressuring the points more than I have been pressured all year. They got lucky, but we just have to deal with it.

Degon on the physical play of Maine:

It was very physical. Over the years that I have been here, Maine has been one of the most physical teams. Not so much in our rink, but in theirs, and I think they knew they had to carry it over to our rink.

Peter Trovato on line changes:

We are just looking for more consistency in the second half. It's not who's in and who's out, it's not the lines, it's getting more consistency from each player. It was a big problem in the first half of the season--one game we're there the next game we're out. We are getting better and being more consistent day in and day out and that will help the team collectively. Everyone has to bring what they bring to the table every night and that will make us better.

General comments by Coach Don Cahoon:

We didn't have the same energy that we had last night and I don't know what they did but they had more energy at the beginning of the game. Part of that might be us changing the lines and getting a feel for each other. But then we got snake bitten by not moving our feet and the number of infractions that we took.

On the shot totals from Saturday:

Shot totals are a direct result of power plays. They are going to have twice as many shots if they have twice as many power play opportunities. That's the reason the shot totals are scudded the way they are.

On pulling goalie Gabe Winer at the end of two periods:



Just for the record I didn't take Gabe out because of the short handed goal. I took him out because I thought he had been tested pretty well over the weekend and I was pretty happy with the way he played. We were trying to do anything we could to get our players attention, just changing it up. Throw someone in there and hoped the kids would respond to Timmy, a senior goaltender and maybe we could get a big time effort because of that. We were trying to get the guys enthusiastic about playing in front of a new guy.
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