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Meyers Movie Picks Blog #7 - Back To School  Special


Sept. 16, 2009


Hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed your summer and are looking forward to a great year/season. I know my teammates and I are. I figured I'd kick off the year with a review of what the summer had to offer. I will also let some teammates voice their opinions about what they saw this summer. The summer movie season is when Hollywood gets to "flex" its muscles in order to lure us into the seats and off the beaches. This definitely wasn't the best summer lineup I've seen, but there were a few surprises. Also, be sure to check out some trivia questions, which I'll post the answers on the next blog. Enjoy!

Star Trek - This is one of the few films I was pleasantly surprised with over the summer. Although it came out in May it's still considered a summer blockbuster. It was a well-done re-imagining of the classic television series. I myself never had much interest in the show, but the trailer sold me on paying the cash to see this one. 3 out of 4 stars

Angels & Demons - The Da Vinci Code fell short. Some say Angels and Demons fell sort as well. I disagree. I feel it was an improvement from the first installment. It wasn't anything spectacular but I found myself entertained and interested in the plot. It's hard not to give Tom Hanks credit no matter what he's in. 2 ½ out of 4

Terminator Salvation - Action, Action, Action. That's why you see a movie titled Terminator. It defiantly delivered on that front. But was it good enough to fuel an entire new trilogy? I'm not convinced, but apparently there going for it anyway. This is definitely worth a rent if you passed on it in the theaters, but don't expect a mind-blowing story line. 2 out of 4

The Hangover - Considered to be the summer sleeper movie by most. This small comedy stirred up a lot of hype when released. To be honest I don't believe it was good enough to be considered an instant comedy classic. I feel it had a few gut busting scenes, but overall fell short on consistent laughs. Actor Zach Galifianakis definitely stole the show. Rising star Bradley Cooper didn't deliver much, but well be seeing a lot of him in the next few years. 2 ½ out of 4

Transformers 2 - Full of Micheal Bay/Jerry Bruckheimer clichés this sequel delivers on action, but fizzles with any sort of interesting plot. Not even Megan Fox could have saved this movie from instant criticism. I find it hard to take Shia Lebouf seriously as the "man who saves the day" type and so did everyone else. He is talented but definitely type cast as the awkward high school kid trying to get the girl. I guess it was ok if you enjoy robots throwing down. 1 ½ out of 4

Bruno - Overboard, enough said. 2 out of 4

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - I feel as if all the Harry Potter movies are becoming one giant blur of teen drama and wand fights. This one couldn't have been more of a filler in the series setting up the grand finale. Not Harry's best work. 2 out of 4

District 9 - The must see of the summer. This quiet science fiction film fought it's way to the top of the box office as well as the critics choice for top movie of the summer. If your going to make a science fiction film involving aliens you need an original approach. District 9 had just that. A documentary style movie takes us into a world where humans and aliens co-exist. With a clever plot and a tremendous performance from first time actor Sharlto Copely, District 9 was a hit. 3 ½ out of 4

Inglorious Basterds - This was my most anticipated movie of the summer and with early reviews being mixed I found myself a bit nervous. The film itself was textbook Tarantino entertainment. While many were taken back how much the film lacks action, Tarantino makes up for it with witty dialogue and interesting characters. Brad Pitt throws a peculiar accent at us as well as a few laughs. Austrian actor Christoph Waltz steals the show with an oscar worthy performance as German Col. Hans Landa. Basterds was not your typical World War 2 film, and honestly who expected it to be with Tarantino behind the lens? 3 ½ out of 4

The Hurt Locker - This is a film I didn't get a chance to see but after reading reviews with were 100% positive I figured it was worth mentioning as a must see.

Justin Braun's Macho Movie of the Week - Rambo (2008)
This movie has what every man who enjoys Hungry Man dinners, John Deere tractors, the NFL, and going fishing with his buddies looks for in a movie. Sly Stallone, seven lines of dialogue and a body count of about 700 henchmen. Rambo is BACK!

Some Of The Boy's Favorite Summer Flicks


James Marcou - The Hangover
Brett Watson - The Hangover (only movie I saw)
Dan Meyers - District 9 or Basterds
David Bohem - The Orphan "scary flick"
Will Ortiz - The Hangover and Transformers 2
Kevin Kessler - Horsemen
Matt Irwin - I Love You, Man
Casey Wellman - The Hangover
Shawn Saunders-  The Hangover
Kevin Moore - The Goods



Meyers Movie Trivia

  1. What film was Christopher Nolan's ( Director of the Dark Knight ) break out movie?
  2. How many actors have played James Bond in the everlasting film series?
  3. How many Oscars has actress Meryl Streep been nominated for? How many has she won?
  4. What actor won his only Oscar with a gritty performance in the classic film The Deer Hunter?
  5. What popular actor made his debut in 1984's A Nightmare on Elm Street?

Look for all the answers on the next blog!


Final Thoughts

With all the time we spend talking about whats on the big screen I'd like to recommend a Showtime series that I consider to be the best show on television. Dexter. You can catch all the previous three seasons On Demand while preparing for the highly anticipated fourth season soming soon. Make sure the kids are busy if you choose to watch, it contains violence and language.

Thanks for taking the time to read the first blog of the 2009-2010 season! There will be much more to come. In the meantime make sure you keep checking out new flicks while we get ready for a great season! See you next time.

Dan Meyers


Meyers Movie Picks Blog #6 - Summer Blockbuster Preview


May 5, 2009

AMHERST, Mass. - Hello everyone! It's been a while since the last blog and after some thought and inspiration from John Sinnett, we thought we'd leave you with one more before the summer. Having said that this blog will basically be a summer movie preview. I will list the biggest blockbusters Hollywood's throwing at us and include my thoughts. Summer is the time where the big bosses in Hollywood shell out the big bucks in order to keep us out of the heat and in the theaters. Some hit it big and others not so much. Here they are!



X-Men Origins: Wolverine
The title of this movie basically says it all. It's a branch away from the X-Men series including the biggest character from the superhero gang. Critics are not making it easy on Hugh Jackman and Co. saying the plot is weak and cliché. I feel that the critics may be right, but at the end of the day were not expecting any statues for an X-Men film. No need to rush to the theaters unless you're a huge fan.

Star Trek
This is a re-imagining of a classic franchise that seems to be generating a lot of buzz around the industry. I myself never being a Star Trek fan have become extremely interested about the movie after seeing the first trailer. From director J.J. Abrams this movie has the potential to make the die-hard trekkies happy while generating a whole new generation fan base. I'd give this one a shot.

Angels & Demons
With Tom Hanks, Ron Howard and a huge budget you'd think that film would be sweeping the Oscars. Well that wasn't the case in 2006 after the release of The Da Vinci Code. They've decided to take another shot at it with what I've heard is the stronger of the two novels. With a supporting cast including Ewan MacGregor I feel this one will help us forget about what happened three years ago. I'd go see this one, but defiantly read the book.

Terminator: Salvation
It just doesn't seem right without Arnold but with an ambitious director who hasn't yet proven himself and a big budget it has potential. The fourth installment of the Terminator series focuses on John Connor (Christian Bale) and his war against the machines years after the earth was devastated by nuclear weapons. I'm sure a lot of you have heard the buzz about the on-set explosion from Christian Bale on a poor set crewmember, who ruined a scene. Lets hope its because the stories that good. With a PG-13 rating in a series that has historically been R rated I don't see us forgetting about Arnold anytime soon. I could be wrong. Give it a few days after its release to hear the buzz then make your decision to see it.



This quirky Disney animated film will defiantly be one to bring the kids to. The story revolves around a 78 year old man who ties balloons around his house in order to fulfill his life long dream to float around the world ultimately to Africa. When he takes off he soon realizes he's not alone. Take the kids to this one.



The Hangover
This one could be the sleeper comedy of the summer. From Old School director Todd Phillips the story centers around a group of guys having a wild night in Vegas. Only to wake up the next morning to find themselves in more than one sticky situation, including a baby in their closet. No need to rush to the theater for this one, could easily be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home.

Land of the Lost
This Will Ferrell comedy/adventure hasn't generated much buzz. With a plot filled with dinosaurs and a co-star whose been on a rocket ship of success within the past few years Danny Mcbride, this one will be solid or a bust. Could be a good movie to bring the kids to.

Year One
Jack Black and Michael Cera star in this simple comedy based around two cavemen who have been banished from their tribe. Helmed by director Harold Ramis, I say this one is a coin-toss.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
I thought Michael Bay did a pretty good job bringing the first Transformers movie to screen. This one is going to be bigger with more action and explosions, if that's even possible. Being a fan of the series as a child I have a feeling that this sequel could hold its ground with the original. Get in line for this one.



Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
A solid cast including John Liguizamo, Denis Leary and Ray Romano these animated adventures have yet to disappoint. I don't see why they'd start now. Entertaining for people of all ages.

Public Enemies
Director Michael Mann had the pleasure of making arguably one of the biggest movies of the summer with an all-star cast. Johnny Depp stars as crime outlaw John Dillinger being chased by detective Melvin Purvis played by Christian Bale. This crime drama takes place during the prohibition era in the 1930's. I hope the buzz can match up with the film itself. Take the girlfriend to this one.

Hi, my name is a Borat is back in another wild comedy that's borderline inappropriate. Sacha Baron Cohen does have the talent to keep us entertained for an hour and a half. I don't see why Bruno won't be quoted to death on college campuses across the nation like it's predecessor Borat. I'll see this one, give it a shot.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince The young wizards of Hogwart's are growing up which can only mean a deeper story and more action. You also can't go wrong with Ralph Fiennes as a villain. This series should just keep getting better until the final act. This one will be in contention for making the most money this summer. I'm sure most of you will see it.

Funny People
Judd Apatow hired an excellent cast including Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen for this dark comedy. The story centers around a stand-up comic (Sandler) who finds out he is terminally ill. He then takes a young comedian (Rogen) under his wing forming a strong relationship. This is Apatow's first film since 07's Knocked Up. I hope it's a good one. Check it out.


G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
I don't know much about the movie, but I did have more G.I. Joe action figures than I knew what to do with as a kid. It includes an ok cast, but I wouldn't expect much. No need to rush in line.

Inglorious Basterds
Quentin Tarantino has been working on the script for this movie for years. The story is nothing short of Tarantino-esque. A group of Jewish-American soldiers are chosen to "spread fear" and take out Nazis around Germany during WW2. Starring Brad Pitt, I feel Tarantino is due for another successful film. I'm sure this one will include a lot of violence and dark humor. I'll be in line for this one, as should you.


Also try and check out:

Anvil! The story of Anvil!- I'll be seeing
Night as the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
Drag Me to Hell
Moon- I'll be seeing
The Taking of Pelham 123
The Ugly Truth
The Hurt Locker- I'll be seeing
District 9- I'll be seeing
The Boat that Rocked- I'll be seeing

Thanks for reading all year. Enjoy your summer and I'll see you next year!


Meyers Movie Picks Blog #5 - Epic War Films


Feb. 10, 2009

Hello again everyone, Dan Meyers here and welcome to the fifth installment of my movie blog!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break and is looking forward to the rest of the season. I know we are.

It's been a while since the last blog and I took some time to think about what the next topic would be. I felt one genre that I haven't touched upon that is one of my favorites is War films.

I can't help but be emotionally drawn into every war movie I watch. Many times, they are based on true accounts and really make you think about everything these men and women did during the horrific times throughout world conflicts.

I chose three pieces of work that I believe are some of the most realistic and well done. I strongly suggest these movies and after you watch them think about what the great veterans of our nation then and now go through in order to provide us with the luxuries we often take for granted.

Make sure to check out Alex "Big Bear" Berry's movie quote of the week below! Also, I wanted to switch up the format of the blog a bit, so I chose a few teammates and asked them various questions about movies and entertainment. This will give us an idea about what some of the Umass Hockey players do to keep them entertained.

My Top War Films:
1. Saving Private Ryan - Check It Out On
This 1998 World War II drama instantly became a classic in the war genre. Directed by Steven Spielberg, this movie tells the story of one platoon's mission to save one man in the middle of the Allied forces invasion of Europe. The movie begins right away with the historic landing of Allied troops on Normandy beach. The film includes a cast that is second to none. Starring Tom Hanks as Captain Miller who leads a platoon that includes actors Edward Burns, Tom Sizemore, Barry Pepper, Vin Diesel, and Giovanni Ribisi. This film creates a battle torn Europe that is so realistic that it is hard to believe your watching nothing else but the real thing. The movie includes a solid cameo from Matt Damon as Private Ryan. This is one that will defiantly keep your attention from the first minute until credits. Warning: This move includes extremely graphic violence that might be disturbing to some.



2. Apocalypse Now - Check It Out On
I chose this film over other Vietnam based movies because I feel the story within the film is extremely interesting. The main focus of the film is not the war itself but an internal conflict within the U.S. military. Martin Sheen stars as Captain Ben Willard. He leads a small group of soldiers up a river in Cambodia to assassinate a Colonel who has supposedly lost his mind, played by the legendary Marlon Brando. Francis Ford Copola, who has taken a lot of heat for the film from critics who claim it's politically incorrect, directs the film. The critics could have a point, but I believe it all depends on how you look at it. The film is well done and hailed as a classic due to the brilliant acting and powerful story. Be sure to check this one out.

3. Band of Brothers - Check It Out On
This HBO miniseries is one of the best pieces of film I have ever seen. It is based on a novel written by Stephen Ambrose about the U.S.'s first ever paratrooper division. It takes place in World War II and is a true story down to every detail. Easy Company is followed from their first day of training until the very end of the war. This miniseries includes an excellent cast full of mostly unknown actors although you might recognize some faces. The series shows the bond between soldiers that only exists during times of war. These men would do anything for each other and that special bond is one of the biggest reasons the Allied forces won the war. This miniseries is a must buy for anyone interested in War films. Also, I just read a book written by two of the actual soldiers in Easy Company, William Guarnere and Edward Heffron, called Brothers in Battle, Best of Friends that I strongly suggest.

Other films you should check out: Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, Tora! Tora! Tora!, Letters from Iwo Jima, Glory

5 Questions with Chris Davis
1. What actress would you want cast as your wife? - Charlize Theron
2.What is your favorite action movie? - Terminator 2: Judgment Day
3.Who are some of your favorite bands? - U2, Armin Van Bueren, Wang Chung
4. Should Heath Ledger win an Oscar for his portrayal as the Joker? - No
5. Would you rather see a movie in the theater or rent it? - Depends on the movie

5 Quesitons with Brett Watson
1. What actress would you want cast as your wife? - Jessica Biel
2. What is your favorite car chase scene? - The Matrix 2 highway scene
3. Would you rather play a villain or hero? - Hero
4. Should Heath Ledger win an Oscar for his portrayal as the Joker? - Yes 5. What do you think the price of a movie ticket should be? - 5 dollars

5 Questions with Dan Meyers (asked by Brett Watson and Chris Davis) 1. What is your favorite movie series? - Star Wars
2. Who are some of your favorite bands? - The Killers, Rage Against The Machine, Radiohead, Pearl Jam
3. If you had the chance to fight any movie villain, who would it be? - Dr.Evil and Mini-Me
4. Should Heath Ledger win an Oscar for his portrayal as the Joker? - Yes
5. What do you think is the most overrated movie? - American Beauty

5 Questions with Scott Crowder
1. What actress would you want cast as your wife? - Jessica Alba
2. What movie do you enjoy but wouldn't want anyone to know your watching? - Euro-Trip and Accepted
3. What are some of your favorite bands? - Goo Goo Dolls, Something Corporate, O.A.R., Bon Jovi, Kenny Chesney
4. Should Heath Ledger win an Oscar for his portrayal as the Joker? - Yes
5. What should the price of a movie ticket be? - 5 dollar Tuesdays, everyday

Alex " Big Bear" Berry's Movie Quote of the Week:
From the movie Youngblood: Jessie Chadwick: It's only a game...
Dean Youngblood: It's all I ever wanted to do.

Thanks again for checking out the blog, hope you enjoyed this week's installment! Be sure to join us at the Mullins Center this Friday as we host No. 3 Northeastern - we had over 7,000 fans there when we beat them two weeks ago and we hope you can all come out and support us again on Friday.

See you at the Rink! Dan


Meyers Movie Picks Blog #4 - Mass Attack Gets Super Powers


Dec. 9, 2008

Hello again! Since the last blog I have come up with a few different possible themes for this one. One theme I really wanted to approach was the comic book/superhero genre.

  • Check Out Blog No. 3 - Nov. 19 - Seven/Philadelphia
  • Check Out Blog No. 2 - Oct. 30 - The Shining/28 Days Later
  • Check Out Blog No. 1 - Oct. 19 - Kingpin/Last Samurai


    This is a genre that started as a light, unrealistic type of movie bound to strict guidelines as being a summer popcorn flick. Although, as of late there have been many successful superhero movies centered around a realistic world. The characters have been portrayed in ways that the common man can find easier to relate with.

    The majority of the movie going people around the world have grown tired of the lackluster CGI effects and unrealistic characters. The "new wave" of superhero movies still incorporate fantasy characters with a dose of reality. I'm going to list a few of my favorite superhero/comic book movies and explain why.

    Have you ever found yourself watching a movie and started to think, "What if I could..."? I sure have and if you haven't taken a moment to ponder the life of a super hero, I strongly recommend it. I asked my teammates that very question and you can check out their answers below!

    NOTICE: In the midst of all the superhero fun please read the segment at the very bottom of the blog regarding a documentary I believe to be extremely important.



    1. The Dark Knight - Check It Out On
    This is the first comic book movie to not just succeed as a brilliant superhero movie, but as a classic crime drama as well. The superb acting by Heath Ledger carries a film full of strong performances. It really shows the potential of taking complex comic book characters and putting them in the real world.



    2. Ironman - Check It Out On
    I walked out of this movie pleasantly surprised. I went in with low expectations due to trailers that seemed to advertise just another superhero movie. This film was excellent in every way. The resurrection of Robert Downey, Jr. was complete after this movie.

    3. Spiderman - Check It Out On
    The first superhero movie that I believe started a realistic trend. It also got the ball rolling on the production of all the superhero movies that followed. Great story and a visual masterpiece.

    4. Batman Begins - Check It Out On
    This would be higher on the list if its sequel didn't top it. Director Christopher Nolan couldn't have approached a re-imagining of the series any better.

    5. X-Men - Check It Out On
    The first superhero movie of the new century delivers. The all star cast brings this classic comic book to life with style.

    Honorable Mention - The Incredible Hulk (2008), Sin City (one of the best on this list, I wanted to keep the top five strictly superhero movies), 300, X-Men 2

    Teammate - Power - City/Area Protected
    Brett Watson - Time Travel - Philadelphia
    Justin Braun - Slow Time - Berlin, Germany
    Scott Crowder - Control The Sun's Rays (specifically to give people painful sunburns) - Hawaii
    Chris Davis - Freeze People - Dublin,Ireland
    Dan Meyers - The Force - Georgetown, Cayman Islands
    Will Ortiz - Fly - The World
    Matt Irwin - Sonic Speed - Victoria, British Columbia
    Chase Langeraap - Super Strength - Canada
    Danny Hobbs - Be The Mask (Jim Carrey) - Ottawa
    Cory Quirk - Invincibility - The Streets of B-Rock
    John Wessbecker - Be a Transformer - America
    Mike Marcou - Immortality - New York City
    Doug Kublin - Fly - The Skies
    Alex Berry - Teleportation - The US of A
    TJ Syner - Invisibility - Springfield, Mass.
    Shawn Saunders - Lightning Speed - New York City
    Paul Dainton - Throw Balls Of Fire - Mullins Center
    Matt Gedman - Super Long Arms In Order To Open Both Doors On The Bench - The Bench
    Kevin Kessler - I Would Be The Moustache Man (I will throw mustaches at people in danger to help disguise them and I'll say "Here, take this muzzy!") - Mankind
    Marc Concannon - Control Mother Nature - Entire World
    Brian Keane - Telekinesis - Shortsville, New York
    Martin Nolet - Time Travel - World History and Future
    Jeff Smith - Heal People - Boyden Athletic Building
    Topher Bevis - Fly - Voorhees, New Jersey
    Jordan Virtue - Invisibility - The World
    James Marcou - Iron Man - New York City
    Casey Wellman - Fly - College Street
    Michael Lecomte - Invisibility - The Province of Quebec
    Ryan Leary - Read Minds - Marblehead, Mass.
    John Sinnett - Spidey Sense - Cahoonaville



  • Alex "Big Bear" Berry's movie quote:
    Carl Spackler: So I jump ship in Hong Kong and make my way over to Tibet, and I get on as a looper at a course over in the Himalayas. A looper, you know, a caddy, a looper, a jock. So, I tell them I'm a pro jock, and who do you think they give me? The Dalai Lama, himself. Twelfth son of the Lama. The flowing robes, the grace, bald... striking. So, I'm on the first tee with him. I give him the driver. He hauls off and whacks one - big hitter, the Lama - long, into a ten-thousand foot crevasse, right at the base of this glacier. Do you know what the Lama says? Gunga galunga... gunga, gunga-galunga. So we finish the 18th and he's gonna stiff me. And I say, "Hey, Lama, hey, how about a little something, you know, for the effort, you know." And he says, "Oh, uh, there won't be any money, but when you die, on your deathbed, you will receive total consciousness." So I got that goin' for me, which is nice.
    -Bill Murray- Caddyshack

    I recently watched a brilliant and informative documentary about something I find very important in my life. I love the ocean and have recently become a certified scuba diver within the past few years. My parents have been diving for 25 years and it's a huge family hobby. While spending a wonderful Thanksgiving day at Chris Davis' house, we watched a documentary called SHARKWATER. Chris and his father share the same love of the ocean and were equally as upset after watching the documentary. The film surrounds the journey of a young Canadian biologist/film maker who investigates the unnecessary murdering of millions of sharks for their fins. He works with the Sea Shepherd in film who recently had his work made into a show on the Discovery network. The unnecessary slaughtering of sharks and whales has become an epidemic in the ocean. This documentary is an eye opener that will show you that the ocean will be permanently damaged if this issue is not taken seriously. Please check out Sharkwater!

    Be sure to come support us at our last game before the break this Friday night at 7 PM vs. American International in the Mullins Center!

    Thanks for reading and see you at the Rink!

    Dan Meyers

  • Meyers Movie Picks Blog #3 - Dramatic Dynamite & UMass Hockey Goes Hollywood!


    Nov. 19, 2008

  • Check Out Blog No. 2 - Oct. 30 - The Shining/28 Days Later
  • Check Out Blog No. 1 - Oct. 19 - Kingpin/Last Samurai

    Hello everyone and welcome to another movie blog! I hope you had a chance to enjoy your Halloween watching some of the classics plastered all over television. Also, I hope you took Mr.Davis' advice seriously, bought some Bunch-A-Crunch, and watched the flicks I suggested.

    This week I am getting back to basics and selecting two films from the drama genre. The premise this time around is to focus more on drama than comedy. The two movies I chose to recommend are also two of my favorites.

    I am sure you have also noticed that every week I add input from teammates. This week is no different. I went around and asked some of my teammates if they were having a big budget biopic made about their lives who would they want cast as themselves. They also created what they would want their movie to be called.

    I think you will enjoy all of the responses because I defiantly did. I hope you have the time to get out and rent these titles, which is much easier due to the unbelievable gas prices. Please do not forget to scroll down and check out the Big Bear Berry's movie quotes of the week. Enjoy!

    This Week's Flicks - Nov. 19

    1. Seven - Check It Out On
    This movie was considered a breakout film for two very successful people in Hollywood. The director David Fincher brought us a film that didn't pull any punches and will keep the audience glued to the screen throughout the entire film. The premise of the film revolves around the relationship between two homicide detectives, Mills and Somerset (Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman) while chasing a chilling serial killer using the seven deadly sins in his murders. Morgan Freeman is possibly one of my favorite actors and is nothing short of spectacular in this one. The movie will have you guessing throughout and will be sure to draw out some emotion by the time its over. This 1995 crime thriller is an absolute classic and in my top ten favorites. Please watch and enjoy.



    2. Philadelphia - Check It Out On
    The film Philadelphia was more than just entertainment in the early 90's when released. It was a message to the public that a disease as deadly as AIDS doesn't mean a person who has it can't fight for his/her rights and live a full life. The movie also had two of today's biggest stars in Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington. This is a film that I feel isn't as popular that it should be. It did earn the legendary Tom Hanks the first of his back-to-back Best Actor Oscar wins. The film is about a young lawyer with a tremendous amount of potential who was just promoted in his firm battling them in court over "wrongful dismissal. The company claims Andrew Beckett's (Tom Hanks) work was unsatisfactory, while Beckett claims it's due to him contracting the AIDS virus. After searching for a lawyer that would defend him in such a controversial case, he finally gets the help from an average defense attorney Joe Miller (Denzel Washington). Joe Miller find himself not just fighting for his client, but also fighting his personal beliefs of the dreadful disease. This is one of the best courtroom dramas ever made and will be sure to entertain you from the beautiful opening sequence, showing the great city of Philadelphia to the end credits.

    Warning! Both movies are rated R so please buy the kids a new video game...I would suggest a hockey video game!

    Speaking of the kids, I would like to recommend a few titles that I loved when I was younger:

    The Sandlot, Mighty Duck 1+2 forget 3, The Lion King, The Little Giants


  • Chris Davis' Movie Snack of the Week: Butterfinger BB's

    UMass Hockey Biopics

  • Keanu Reeves is Brett Watson in " The Chronicles of the Milk Man"
  • Patrick Swayze is Justin Braun in " Roadhouse 2: I wait tables over the summer"
  • Rob Lowe is Chris Davis in " Speed Kills"
  • Shiah LeBeouf is Brian Keane in "The BK Lounge"
  • Brad Pitt is TJ Syner in " Fight Club 2"
  • Owen Wilson is Alex Berry in " Can't keep a good man down"
  • Christopher Walken is Dan Meyers in " Gotta have more cowbell, baby "
  • Ben Stiller is Martin Nolet in " Sous Les Couverturs"
  • Jack Nicholson is Matt Gedman in " One flew over the cuckoos nest (this is my life)"
  • Aston Kutcher is Mike Lecomte in " La vie savauge"
  • Robert DeNiro is Mike Marcou in "Ayo!"
  • Vince Vaughn is Doug Kublin in "The Dipper"
  • Joe Pesci is James Marcou "Short Stack"
  • Dennis Quaid is Scott Crowder in "Live Free or Die"
  • Fred Savage is Danny Hobbs in "Plan B"
  • Kevin Spacey is Josh Penn in "Awesomeness"
  • Paul Walker is Marc Concannon in "Hidden Secrets"
  • Nick Cannon is Sean Saunders in "The Rocket"
  • Mark Wahlberg is Casey Wellman in " Shooter 2 "
  • Will Ortiz is Will Ortiz in "Will Ortiz"
  • Will Smith is Paul Dainton in "Two Pads Stacked
  • Leonardo DiCaprio is David Boehm in "The Man In The Iron Cast"

    Alex "Big Bear" Berry's Movie quote of the week:
    Chazz: The night is a very dark time for me.
    Jimmy: It's dark for everyone, moron!
    Chazz: Not for Alaskans or dudes with night-vision goggles.
    -Will Ferrell And Jon Heder in "Blades of Glory"

    Thanks for reading! And thanks for supporting UMASS HOCKEY!

    See you at the rink! Dan Meyers



    Dan Meyers Movie Picks Blog #2 - A Special Halloween Horror Flick Edition


    Oct. 30, 2008

    Hello again everyone, Dan Meyers here and welcome to my second movie blog of the season. I hope you guys took the time to check out the previous titles I suggested and enjoyed them.

    In the second blog of the season with Halloween right around the corner, I thought it would be fitting to devote this one entirely to Horror flicks. To be honest, I myself have always been somewhat of a chicken when it comes to horror, but I love and respect the genre.

    When I was younger I remember certain classic horror movies frightening me beyond belief. Those experiences really played a huge part in my developing fascination with cinema. I will be adding new input from my teammates every week. This week I will choose two of my favorite horror films, which I strongly suggest you guys check out.

    This Week's Flicks - Oct. 30

    1. The Shining - Check It Out On
    This film is one of the best horror movies of all time. Done by legendary director Stanley Kubrick it has all the elements of not just a thrilling horror movie, but a fantastic flick as well. Jack Nicholson gives an unforgettable performance as Jack Torrance. He and his family volunteer to house sit an isolated hotel through the winter. During their stay they encounter the dangerous spirits left in the hotel due to its deadly past. This 1980 film will hold its own as one of the best horror classics. If you have not seen it yet be sure to rent it ASAP and enjoy the brilliance of Kubrick and Nicholson. Be sure to look out for one of the most repeated movie lines in history......"Heeeeeere's Johnny!"

    2. 28 Days Later - Check It Out On
    I chose 28 Days later as one of my favorite horror films because I personally love the zombie genre. The premise of 28 Days Later is interesting because unlike the usual living dead films, these zombies are human beings infected by a virus. Although a virus like the film's is still a stretch from reality, it has a certain sense of realism as if it could happen. The movie is directed by British indie director Danny Boyle and begins with the main character Jim (Cillian Murphy) awakening in an abandoned hospital. He then ventures into an empty London, which I believe is one of the coolest shots in all of cinema. The movie then picks up intensely when Jim realizes that everyone is either dead or infected. The movie's strong points are its acting and cinematography. One of my favorite character actors, Brenden Gleeson, has a big role as one of the survivors Jim encounters. This film includes a brilliant character study to see how people would react in such a situation. Also, the film has an underlying political tone of what could happen in the future with all the threats of chemical warfare. Please watch and enjoy...



    *Both Movies are rated R so please keep the young ones occupied while you enjoy!


    Favorite Horror Flicks Around The Locker Room
    Chris Davis - Mothman Prophecies
    Justin Braun - The Exorcist (cried in pure terror as a child when I first saw it)
    Brett Watson - Saw ( only the first, the rest of them struggle )
    Martin Nolet - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original 1970 version)
    Will Ortiz - Leprechaun
    Brian Keane - The Sixth Sense
    Matt Gedman - The Princess Diaries

    Chris Davis' Movie Snack Of The Week:

    Bunch a Crunch

    Alex "Big Bear" Berry has one of the most impressive memories when it comes to quoting movies. So I thought it would be fitting to include a weekly movie quote from the man who never runs out. Look out for them in each upcoming blog.

    This weeks is from a childhood classic The Sandlot: "Remember kid, there's heroes and there's legends. Heroes get remembered but legends never die, follow your heart kid, and you'll never go wrong." - The Great Bambino

    Also, I want to give Julie from a shout out for reading the blog, hope you enjoy the movies!

    Thanks again for checking out my blog everyone, be sure to see a good movie every now and then, but more importantly, be sure to come to our game this Friday night for our home opener against Providence at 7 PM. With it being Halloween Night, be sure to wear your favorite costume to the Mullins Center!

    See you at the rink!
    Dan Meyers


    Dan Meyers Movie Picks Blog - Junior Goalie Shares His Movie Picks Each Week


    Oct. 19, 2008

    Hello Everyone! I am Dan Meyers, junior goaltender on the University of Massachusetts hockey team. I am known by my teammates as a movie buff, or nerd, whatever you want to call it. Every other week I will be choosing two different movies to review and get some comments from my roommates that I will share with you. Make sure to check back each week to see what we are watching when we have some time off.

    I would consider watching movies my favorite hobby. I try to introduce all different types of movies to my roommates, fellow teammates Chris Davis, Justin Braun, Brett Watson and former teammate Alec Goolsby.

    Some I believe to be a little stubborn when it comes to watching new types of movies. But, we mostly have a great time watching even if the guys do not enjoy the movie because then it turns into make-fun-of-Dan time.

    I will include some input from some teammates every blog. Every blog I will choose a comedy or "lighter" toned movie, then a drama/action flick. I hope you read and enjoy what you see!

    This Week's Flicks - Oct. 19

    1. Kingpin
    This 1996 comedy was written and directed by the Farrelly Brothers when the director tandem was in their prime. This is a PG-13 rated comedy starring Woody Harrelson and Randy Quaid with a legendary villain role from Bill Murray. The movies synopsis in a nutshell is about a washed up bowler (Harrelson) who had potential and ran into some problems. He then takes up the teaching duties for a naive Amish man whose community is facing eviction from the lands. The ridiculous dialogue and flawless acting by the trio of Harrelson, Quaid, and Murray carry this movie.

    Roommates' Thoughts:
    Chris Davis - One of my favorites because of Woody Harrelson and Bill Murray's hair

    Chris' Movie Snack of the Week - Dorito's collision pizza cravers & ranch flavor

    Brett Watson (allergic to dairy) - Watty gives it 3 milk cartons out of 4

    Would Justin Braun rather play Xbox or watch this movie? - I would play Xbox through the first half of the movie

    2. The Last Samurai
    I wanted to put this movie on the first blog not because it is my favorite, but because I always seem to end up watching this movie before games. I love what the movie is all about. If you can get by the absurdness of Tom Cruise being the last samurai, then it is a stellar movie that will not disappoint. Cruise's acting is awesome, but the idea of him being the last samurai is borderline ridiculous. The movie is based off the fall of the Samurai during the time where Japan was transforming its way of life and culture. My favorite aspect of the film is the acting of Ken Wantanabe who plays leader of the Samurai, Katsumoto. If you have 2 ½ hours to kill, watch The Last Samurai.

    Roommates' Thought's:

    Chris Davis - Tom Cruise's last watchable movie

    Brett Watson - 3 ½ ice cream cones out of 4

    Would Justin Braun rather play Xbox or watch this movie? - Play Xbox while Tom Cruise is on the screen.

    Thanks for supporting the Umass Hockey team and reading my blog! Check back next week for a new edition.

    See you at the Rink! Dan Meyers


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