Charley Molnar Quotes From Weekly MAC Media Teleconference

UMass football head coach Charley Molnar spoke with the media on Monday during his weekly teleconference.

UMass football head coach Charley Molnar spoke with the media on Monday during his weekly teleconference.

Sept. 19, 2012

On Monday, UMass football head coach Charley Molnar spoke with the media during his portion of the weekly MAC Football Coaches Teleconference. Molnar recapped the Michigan game and spoke about the upcoming week of preparation for Miami (Ohio).

On the breakdown of the Michigan performance and starting MAC play at Miami:
After we had a chance to get back and watch to video there were some bright spots for our football team, not nearly enough, but we did make some strides offensively.

We're throwing the ball a little bit better. We're getting the ball out and making better decisions. We ran the ball more effectively; we've done a great job of holding onto the football. We've offensively not put the ball on the ground one time yet after three games. Our quarterback continues to protect the ball and not force the coverage defensively.

We didn't tackle as well as we needed to. We were tacking the best athlete in the United States. We didn't do nearly as well as we were anticipating. Nevertheless, we're past that and I think we're ready to take some strides forward as a football team.

On keeping the team in a positive frame of mind after 3 very difficult losses:
That not been a problem at all actually. Our guys are in a great place. We're getting better and they see the improvement that we make and I think our players are anxious everyday to come out to practice. Very rare have I been on a team where the guys just like to come out to practice. This team likes to go out there and get the work done. I think they see the improvement they're making not only individually but collectively.

On the start of MAC play at Miami starting a new portion of the schedule:
Each of those games that we've placed previously were vitally important to us to go out and try to win every game that we've played. But now that we're into the conference; of course, it's a fresh start whether you're 0 and 3 like us or if you're 3 and 0. The conference is what it is all about. Our guys are focused on doing the very best they can and making the best impression they can in the MAC.



On the status of Dalvin Battle and Galen Clemons?
Dalvin is scheduled for an MRI, but like I said after the game, I believe he is going to be out for the rest of the year. It doesn't seem like its good news even after yesterday's check-up - it just doesn't look good.

Galen was assessed by a number of doctors so far and I think there's an outside chance he could play Saturday, but quite frankly, I think we have to look two weeks in advance.

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