Q & A With Linebacker Stanley Andre

UMass Athletics Sits Down with Redshirt Junior Linebacker Stanley Andre to Talk About Life On and Off the Field

UMass Athletics Sits Down with Redshirt Junior Linebacker Stanley Andre to Talk About Life On and Off the Field

Sept. 12, 2013

Recently, UMass Athletics caught up with linebacker Stanley Andre to discuss life on and off the football field. The redshirt junior shared his thoughts on working with the coaches, his personal development, and what it's like to play for the Minutemen.

What was it like making the decision to play football at UMass?
"It was a very warming decision for me. I am a local guy from the state of Massachusetts and I always wanted to support my state and play for the Minutemen. When I was offered the chance the represent Massachusetts and play the sport I love, I couldn't turn that down."

Tell me a little bit about your position coach, Phil Elmassian...
"The most impressive thing about coach Elmassian is that he has coached at the college level for a very long time and has been successful in it. Coach Elmassian has a lot of rings from all of the bowl games he has coached in and won, and his knowledge of the game of football and the linebacker position has helped me improve greatly so far."

How do you see yourself as a person and a player?
"I am very hardworking on and off the field and I like to try to be a leader as much as possible. I strive to be the best when I am in the classroom and also want to be the best when I put on the Minuteman uniform for practice and each game."

What is something about you that fans do not know?
"Well, people tend to think I am a very serious person, but I am in fact a bit of a jokester. We all work hard in practice and in each game, but we like to joke around with each other too."

If you could be a contestant on any game show, what would it be?
"Definitely `Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' because, when I have watched it at home with my family or here at school, I feel like I have been able to answer a lot of the questions and would be able to get pretty far along."



Who would be your "phone a friend" if you were a contest on the show?
"[Teammates] John Robinson-Woodgett or Ed Saint-Vil. The are both pretty knowledgeable guys."

If you didn't play football what sport would you play?
"I would be playing soccer and I think I would be a forward - I would be playing on the offensive side of the game."

How have you grown as a person during your time at the University of Massachusetts?
"Day-by-day I have been learning the lessons of how to become a man and how to make a prosperous future for myself and my family through my experiences at football and through my studies. It is a process you discover as you grow and get older, so I hope to continue to learn."

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?
"The best piece of advice I have been given is that I should never be too comfortable. You never know when something can be taken from you, so I try to cherish every moment."

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