NCAA Division I Football Championship

Dec. 15, 2006

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Massachusetts Head Coach Don Brown

"It was no mystery coming in. We knew we had our hands full. I thought obviously Richardson is a good back with great speed and is even better in person. Armanti Edwards, we got them in third-and-longs and he hurt us with his legs, which we knew he could."

"I'm losing some very good players, which I'm close to, but I'm not losing them as friends. The great thing about our guys is they compete till the bitter end. We just got beat by the better team tonight."

"We just didn't execute as cleanly as we would have liked. We pride ourselves on the physical yards, and they just made more physical yards than we did tonight."

"I thought we did some good things with the throw game. Obviously, there are a couple we'd like to have back. We just weren't as in-sync and efficient as we needed to be. But we came in here as a team. We'll leave as a team."

Safety James Ihedigbo

"They're a great offense. They ran the ball very well. They just found some kinks in our defense today."

"That's the kind of attitude we always have on defense. We pretty much make big plays when big plays need to be made. Of course we were thinking that."

"Honestly, and I can speak for myself and the other guys, we feel blessed to be in this position playing for a national championship as a senior. It didn't end the way we wanted it to, but it happens in the game of football."

Running back Steve Baylark

"I think we came into the game prepared. I knew I'd give it my all, and I know the team felt the same way. We definitely didn't want to change our game plan. We came in here expecting to run, and we did."

On his parents watching him live for the first time in college
"I definitely didn't want to end it this way with my parents here. But they're not my only family. Coach Brown and the team are my family, too."

Quarterback Liam Coen

"They pretty much did everything we thought they'd do. They may have brought a little more heat with their blitzes than we thought. They're athletic and physical on defense, but I'm proud of the guys I played with today. It's just a few plays it came down to."

Appalachian State Head Coach Jerry Moore

"I don't know if it was the NCAA or the Committee but the atmosphere here was great with the national anthem. I saw players and officials with their hands over their hearts. We had great support here. It was almost like a home game. It wasn't as good as winning the championship, but it was darn close."

Regarding opening drive touchdown for UMass
"UMass is a good football team and when you play a good team, things like that will happen. We didn't panic. We just had to adjust to the speed of the game. The scout team just can't simulate speed in practice."

Regarding the UMass team
"When we accepted the trophy I was talking about what a good team they were. Good defense, good quarterback, good running back. I almost quit watching film because these guys are so good. They are not here accidentally."

"Our assistant coaches have done a good job all year calling plays. They did an awesome job tonight. A lot of the success Kevin (Richardson) had tonight was due to their calling."

Running Back Kevin Richardson

On the last few minutes
I think it was all the play calling and the coaches decisions. Our offensive linemen did a great job out here. We just came out and finished our game.

On whether his shoulder injury bothered him
No, when I'm on the field, I'm a whole different person. I forget about stuff like that. This comes once in a lifetime, and you've got to take advantage of that.

Motivation for the game
Our motivation is practicing. Playing football, that's my motivation. When I have an opportunity to do something, I give it all I've got. That's my motivation right there. If I didn't get the ball the whole game, I'd still be happy we won the championship.

On wearing different pads
I had a cowboy collar, that's what they call it. It took away from my head turning ability, but I just came out and played football, as I said earlier this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

On the last drive
We just kept doing what we've been doing all year. The hard work pays off.

On being the MVP
It feels great. It's always great to work your way up and be successful.

Left End Marques Murrell

On which championship was more satisfying
This year. It was great to go out and win my senior year. So this year.

Quarterback Armanti Edwards

On being a freshman
The freshman thing was over when we went to the playoffs. We started a new season.



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