Postgame Quotes: No. 3 UMass 24, No. 9 UNH 17

Steve Baylark carried for 198 yards on Saturday.

Steve Baylark carried for 198 yards on Saturday.

Dec. 2, 2006

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UMass Coach Brown opening statement:
That was just a great football game. I was looking around at the environment prior to the game and I just thought what a great testament to New England college football to have two great teams in this type of setting and this type of atmosphere. I thought both teams responded with great effort. Obviously, in the first half we did a great job and went right down the field and scored. We played great defense coming out the gate. Then it's really a battle for the rest of the half. Being down at halftime we just committed to each other that we were going to get the thing done. We ramped up and got out of our base defense for most of the second half and just tried to come from as many places as possible. Obviously, we did enough on offense in the second half. When you look at it, we probably made it a little tougher on ourselves than we would have liked to.

Brown On The A-10 Conference;
There's a great example of Atlantic 10 Football. I know Linda Bruno is here today and I'm so proud of her and the way she has handled and organized our conference. I thought that was a great testament to Atlantic 10 Football today. I couldn't be happier for our players and our staff.

Brown timeout before fourth down play
I took a timeout. I wanted to see how he was going to line up. I wanted to see where Ball was going to be. That's the set where they can run the zone read where Ricky (Santos) has the give or keep option. We wanted to control it so we went with pressure, no help. Everyone was in zero coverage. He rolled into the pressure. We did a nice job of holding it until very late. It's difficult against them because they'll freeze cadence you and hold you up, but I thought we did a nice job of holding the blitz until the end. We were able to get a hand on it and bat it down. James Ihedigbo, our strong safety, promised me he was going to pick it if he threw it to the flat. It was a great play, almost a de javu. I guess that's really what separates us is one play.

Jason Hatchell on similarity between his play and John's at UNH:
He came right up to me after the play and told me we're some Wildcat killers. It was almost identical. I just came off the edge and Santos came up and I got my hand on the ball. I saw his eyes and could tell he was going to throw a flat ball or hitch to the outside and I just jumped at the right time.

Hatchell on confidence level coming into game:
I think we had more to prove this time. We felt like we still had doubters. We wanted to eliminate all the doubters and show that we're the real deal, that we're going to do it this year.

Brad Anderson on interception:
Like coach said, we were in a man freeze blitz reading off the back in slide protection. He went away, so I dropped to a little hole. Santos had pressure so he rolled to his left. I just saw a crossing route coming from the backside and jumped it and he threw it right to me.

Christian Koegel on long punt:
I was excited. I think that's really the first time this year that I had the whole field to punt into. I was excited. Jay (Leonard) went down right before that, so we had a new snapper in. He had been doing a great job in practice, so I was 100 percent confident in him. It was really one of those things where you step up at time where your team needs you.

Baylark on 60 yard run:
We worked on a new play this week. I just had to hit the hole tight, then slide outside and give the guard and tackle time to get around and seal the outside. The receivers did a good job of getting to the corners and safeties.

Brown on defense pressuring Santos:
I think we brought every position on the field today with the exception of the free safety. We're trying to create as much havoc as we can. All we're trying to do is get the ball back for the offense in good field position and get the defense off the field. I feel really good about the way the guys have executed and come together. They're playing at a high level right now.

Hatchell on defense pressuring Santos:
That's what we do here. We're very aggressive. To have as many guys get sacks across the board, even corners and safeties, it just goes to show that we like to get after the quarterback and we're not afraid to bring it.

New Hampshire Coach Sean McDonnell on battling UMass;

Today was an example of two good football teams of a high level battling their tails off. You remember the game in Durham, and it came down to three yards. You look at the game today in Amherst, it came down to three yards. I give a lot of credit to the University of Massachusetts and their football program. They found a way to win these last two games. They are champions and my hat is off to Don Brown and his team. However I am very proud of my team. They did something that no A-10 team has ever done.

Coach McDonnell on his last offensive play:

We were about to call a timeout, but they beat us to it. We were trying to see what they would set up in. We had a pretty good idea that they would be coming after us because that is their style. We set it up the way we practiced; we just could not execute it. The kid (Jason Hatchell) just made a nice play, jumping up and batting the ball down with his hand. I don't know if I would have gone for two. It entered my mind, but I don't know if I would have done it.

David Ball on his collegiate career:

I'm done playing college football. It was a great career for me, and I could not have done it without my teammates. We started something here at the University of New Hampshire and I know that the people they have brought into this program are going to continue to carry that out.



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