Post Game Quotes

Nov. 25, 2006

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UMass Head Coach Don Brown's opening statement:
"The one thing that we looked at as a goal was we hadn't won a playoff game since 1999. Now we have been able to put that behind us. It helps the 2003 team as well. More importantly, we came out and played extremely well in the first half on both sides of the ball. We got up 21-0. We were three for three on our first three drives. Defensively I thought we were playing really well. We get the interception and they respond. They're a good football team. They've played really well over the last four weeks. There's a reason why they're their league champion. Then we muff a kick off return out to midfield and put it on the ground again. Next thing you know it's 21-14. Again, I think the character of this football team has shown through. Every time things tend to get tight, we hang together, come together. I thought we came out and responded well and did what we had to do on both sides of the ball. Steve played really well. He did a good job of leading us as always. When you look at Brad Maurer threw the ball 33 times for 140 (yards). Liam threw it 15 for 151 for three touchdowns. That goes to show you how solid our run/play action stuff was again today. It was a big part of it. It was a good team win. We played well in the kicking game for the most part with the exception of the turnover. We played really well and smart on the offensive side of the ball. We would have liked to finish a little bit stronger in the second half, but the bottom line is you're not looking for style points. Everybody is good; everybody is making adjustments. I thought that was a well-coached football team in all three phases. They made us hustle. Offensively, we did what we had to do. Defensively, we came from everywhere today. We tried to get after Maurer. He is a very talented young man, very dynamic. He can run it, he can throw it. Jonathon Hurst, their excellent 1,000 yard rusher, we held him to 41 yards. Good job in all phases. It was nice to see other names get into it today. Ian Jorgensen had a big catch; Mike Omar had a big play. Good to see names out of the ordinary make big plays for us. Mike Omar was able to do it with his parent's here, so that was special."

John Hatchell on the defense's performance:
"We take great pride in stopping the run. He was the Patriot League rushing champion. He has that on his plate. We were real excited to get after him and stop the run game. It looks like we did a pretty good job today."

Hatchell on his physical status:
"I was nervous this morning. When I warmed up during pregame, I started feeling better. As the game went on, I continued feeling better. I felt as close to 100% as I have since the injury happened."

James Ihedigbo on his interception:
"Uncharacteristically, I dropped the first one, so I owed that to my teammates. I told them if the opportunity comes again, I owe you guys. Luckily, the opportunity presented itself.

Ihedigbo on the defense in the second half:
On our goal board, one goal is to have a third quarter shutout and a three and out on their first drive of the third. We talked about it at halftime and it set a tone for the rest of the game."

Steve Baylark on the game:
Today, we established the run which let Liam do well through the air. I played against (running back) Jonathon Hurst in my senior year of high school. I had a flashback there to my high school days. It was the first round of the playoffs. Today after the game, it was deja vu. It was fun to see a guy I played against in high school."

Liam Coen on his touchdown passes:
"The first one to Ian was one sided and we tried to sneak him up. The defender covered him up pretty well. I saw him separating a little bit. I just threw it so if he didn't catch it, nobody would catch it. He practiced so well this week and stepped up. The one to Brandon, the corner backpedaled and Brandon beat him over the top. It was the same situation, if he didn't catch it, nobody else was going to. You put the air under the ball knowing either he was going to make the play or it was going out of bounds."

Lafayette Head Coach Frank Tavani's thoughts on the game
It was a tough day, we got down early and fought back the way I'd like us to and came in at halftime with a little bit of momentum. We just needed to come back in the second half and make that first stop to keep our momentum going. You can't afford to make many mistakes with a team of that talent and we certainly hurt ourselves, but you have to give credit to them.

Tavani's thoughts on Steve Baylark
As a former tailback, I have to appreciate a guy with that ability. He is a strong back that breaks tackles and gives you the straight arm. You just have to take his legs out. Just like the great ones all are, he's determined and is going to keep going. You think that you have him stopped but then he turns something into a great play.

Shaun Adair's thoughts on career
Coming into freshman year I think that we had a great team. We kept fighting and pulled it together. After we won one championship, it felt great. When you win the second, we asked ourselves, where can we go from here? Then you start looking towards the playoffs, and you're never satisfied.

Brad Maurer on being a senior
I am really proud that we have been able to raise the level of the program to the point where we have a tradition of winning and going to the playoffs. We made it to the playoffs three years in a row and now we just have to make it past the first round.




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