UMass-Northern Illinois Postgame Quotes

Nov. 2, 2013

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UMass Football Postgame Quotes
Northern Illinois 63, Massachusetts 19
Saturday, November 2, 2013
Gillette Stadium; Foxboro, Mass.
Attendance: 10,061

Head Coach Charley Molnar
Opening statement:
"Today we had a chance to go against one of the twenty best teams in the country and a team that humiliated us a year ago. I can't tell you that I feel good about today's results but I don't feel humiliated. I feel we made some strides. I feel like we made some ground on them. We have a long way to go but I believe that their team is at their apex. We are working to get there and were not there yet. We have made a little bit of ground and our best days are ahead of us. We had a number of players, just from my observations on the sideline that looked to have had a good day to a very good day. The obvious one is Lorenzo Woodley, who was a tremendous workhorse for us today. I knew he was durable but I just wanted to see it happen. He only asked to come out at the very end of the game, only tapping out once, and the rest of the time we took him out because we planned to sub him after certain situations. He really impressed me. He ran with power, he had good vision, sometimes he had great vision, showed some speed around the edge, and had some downfield moves. He was a complete running back. He still has work to do in his pass protection. There was a couple glaring issues. I know that Lorenzo is a tough guy and he is a smart guy and will become very efficient over time. The next guy is Brendon Levengood. He stepped up today and once he made that first kick, you could see the confidence in his eyes, confidence in the football team, and I feel really good today coming off the field about our kicker and our PAT and field goal teams. It was ideal conditions out there but nevertheless, he gave our team a boost today. Other players that stuck out today were Ed Saint-Vil, who was all over the place, not only on defense but also on special teams. He was around the football and involved in a lot of plays."

On the expectations of Lorenzo Woodley today:
"We expected him to play today. We used him out of necessity today. Jamal Wilson did not suit up, Stacey Bedell said during warm ups that he couldn't go and with that being said, we knew we had Lorenzo and two great young men whom are company guys, two non scholarship guys that have not carried the ball for us yet. We think we will have Jamal back and Stacey back and we should be deep enough going into the game after the bye." On playing against Jordan Lynch today:
"Jordan Lynch is the best player that we have played all season because he makes it all go. There has not been another player who the offense is so dependent on. I know coach would say they have a great O-Line and other great things but he really makes it go because all your focus as a defense is on Jordan. You can see him on `one-on-ones' that he killed us today. He should be in the conversation for a Heisman candidate and that football team should be in the conversation for a BCS Bowl-game and I root for them because I think that is a great football team that deserves a shot to be in the BCS."

Redshirt-Senior Placekicker Brendon Levengood:
On playing today:
"I was excited to just get the chance to get back in there and get kicking again. The long snapper, the holder and the whole line did their job and I concentrated on coming through on the ball and fortunately for me, they were all going through. At the beginning of the week, Coach Molnar said it was a competition between Blake and I to see who was kicking this week and I just went out there and kicked well. It was pretty wind-free today, which is perfect for kicking. I'm going to do whatever they ask of me and do it to the best of my ability."

Freshman Running Back Lorenzo Woodley:
On his career day against the Northern Illinois defense:
"The mindset I had about coming in, knowing I was a starter was that I had to grow up fast and I felt I had to step up and be mature, even if I am a freshman. I had to play to the best of my ability while trying to help this team win a ball game. I felt like that I was healthy and this is what I can do while I am healthy. Thirty-eight carries are the most I have had in a game and I feel like that I can handle that in every game."

Northern Illinois Head Coach Rod Carey:
On what he saw from Northern Illinois:
"The way we started the game was key. We were able to move fast in the first and second halves, and our return and kicking game did extremely well today. We had all facets of our game working for us."

On the play of quarterback Jordan Lynch: "Jordan Lynch had a nice day running and throwing the ball. He was able to make the right reads and he found his running lanes to help get the offense going during the first half."

On the rarity of Lynch's three touchdowns scored in one quarter:
"It is not something you see a lot but I feel I have seen it happen before. With the way Jordan played against Central Michigan two weeks ago where he had over 300 yards rushing and a couple touchdowns I have seen performances like this before. Jordan is a special type of player and the team around him has helped us accomplish feats like this one."

On injured offensive lineman Tyler Loos:
"Tyler will be staying here for a few days because he has to have surgery. I do not want to talk about it much though because Tyler and I have been through a lot and this injury is a sensitive topic right now. I am proud of the way he has played and we are hoping for as speedy of a recovery as possible."

Senior Defensive Tackle Ken Bishop:
On his play against the Minutemen:
"I have been practicing a lot, working hard and keeping focused on the game and my assignments. All of this has allowed me to grow as a player and teammate and thankfully I was able to help us get the win today."

Redshirt-Senior Quarterback Jordan Lynch:
On his decision to run or pass:
"I am a quarterback first, that's my initial job when I am on the field. If I see an open receiver downfield I will make the pass rather than tuck the ball and go for the run. I don't want to turn the ball over in either facet. If I do not think I will complete the pass, and see a hole, I'll take the yards on the ground."

Redshirt-Senior Offensive Lineman Jared Volk:
On the play of the offensive line:
"The new offensive line has really improved over these last few weeks. As a whole, we have worked on our communication skills and because of that we are able to make the adjustments we need to right away. We can prepare properly by knowing the defense we will be facing and watching which way they are going to run and attack us based on the film."



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