UMass-Richmond Postgame Quotes

Oct. 24, 2009

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UMass Head Coach Kevin Morris:

Opening Statement:
"This was supposed to be a good football game and it ended up not really being that way. We turned the ball over a lot and got a lot of penalties and you can't really do that against a team like Richmond. It was just way too hard for us to overcome and we didn't overcome that tonight. Good job by Richmond."

Weather's effect on UMass Game:
"Everyone playing on the same field, it's an equal playing surface. They just really took advantage of those turnovers."

Weather's effect on number of interceptions:
"It's a combination of putting pressure on the QB which UR did a good job of today and Richmond making good decisions."

Second half versus the first half:
"The one thing we found out early in the year is that we can play hard against anyone for 60 minutes. Tonight we had some lapses in execution and we certainly paid the price. But the guys played extremely hard. We put our defense to the test on some short fields and they played really hard. It takes two to tango. Certainly Richmond forced some mistakes but I'm sure there are some unforced errors. They are a great football team. They're a good team all around. I think they haven't lost in like 10 years or something."

Richmond's improvement since last season:
"They have definitely improved since last year. That game was a good game too but they obviously outplayed us. They have all those seniors back; especially [Eric]Ward. They just did a great job."

Reason for QB change:
"We evaluate everyday. We look at all the positions and today we just decided to make that change. Scott [Woodward] did a good job and stepped in and was productive when we needed him."

Sophomore LB Tyler Holmes:

Playing in the difficult weather:
"Well it is difficult to play in changing weather. We just try not to be effected. We try to think about the game and not the weather. Both teams have to deal with it."



Senior WR Victor Cruz:

Missed opportunities:
"Playing into the wind makes it kind of hard to judge the ball. We just try to put up seven pts instead of three. The whole game we had some opportunities despite the rain that we missed."

Richmond Head Coach Mike London:
Opening Statement:
"What a tremendous defensive effort that was. That was a great game, I'm so proud of this team. We need to celebrate the victories around here because it's hard to win football games. These guys played their hearts out and we're going to celebrate this win. It is an accomplishment when you play a top 15, top 20 team you need to celebrate it. We're going to enjoy this one. We're going to take a look at what we can do better but I'm not going to beat these guys up because we won against a very good team."

On key situations with QB Eric Ward:
"If you weren't at the game and didn't see the significance of those third down runs or those runs he had for first downs then you wouldn't have an appreciation of him managing the game. That's a credit to him, being a senior and being a leader. Huge part of what we did was how Eric managed the game. He managed the team well and I'm very satisfied with what the team did."

Six picks and the defensive effort:
"We practice disruption drills all the time. It adds value to possessions offensively. These guys hug the ball and this was a critical game. I thought it was going to be a game of possessions, turnovers and field positions. Again, this is a team that beat New Hampshire last week. They [UMass] were a very good football team. We were just the better team today."

Quick TD runs:
"You never feel relaxed until it's 00:00 on the clock but you do get a sense of how you're playing and how the players are playing and executing the game. You never can relax, we just wanted to keep the pressure on them and make them continue to execute."

Offense taking advantage of the short field:
"It was critical because you can say at least you can get three points out of this possession. It speaks to the significance of the field position when you get where we got. We were pretty good with our red zone scores."

Senior NG Parker Miles:
On scoring a touchdown:
"I got a lot of grief from my coaches and teammates for not being able to get into the end zone so I promised them I would get in this time. Nick Battle got a great pass rush in and tipped the ball and it just landed in my hands. It made it really easy for me. It was a great feeling."

Senior FS Derek Hatcher:

Common denominator for all those interceptions:
"Our coaches prepared us well all week. All the routes we saw today we had practiced. All we had to do is execute and do what we needed to do."

Defensive effort:
"We have a great defense. We work hard every day. We know that anyone of us and make a play at any time. We all want to make plays."

Senior TB Justin Forte:

On keeping ball control:
"We try to focus on ball control every day. At every practice defense comes out and tries to strip the ball away from us. So when a rainy day comes we aren't worried about holding onto the ball, it comes like second nature to us to keep the possession."

Defensive effort:
"Our defense is one of the best in the nation. We count on them when we need the ball back for us. I know they can do it. I have full trust in their capabilities. We have a chemistry so that we pick each other up when the other is down."

Team chemistry:
"It's just a gift that we've got as a team. Whenever times get tough, we gather around each other and we support each other. It's just being a family. Once you build up that chemistry as a team, it feels like you can conquer anything."


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