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Oct. 23, 2004

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Coach Brown's general comments on the game... It was a hard fought game. I guess from a fan's perspective, it would be a great game. Obviously we put ourselves in a little bit of a hole in the first half. But we went in, stayed together and stayed focused. We were able to do what we were able to do to keep the lead. Guys really played hard. One of the big things was when we had the penalty that negated Steve Baylark's run, which was a difficult one because it had us down in the red zone. Not only do have the penalty but it knocks you back 15 (yards) and you switch the whole field position around. You would like to think you could finish it if you can get the right play but it was not meant to be. I'll give credit to Rhode Island. I thought they played really well. I thought we were two really even-matched teams on both sides. My guys competed really hard and we really settled down on defense in the second half. We had a third quarter shut out, we had a bad interception inside the 50 (yard line), we got the ball back. Offensively we came out and put 14 unanswered in the third and fourth quarter and we just weren't able to finish. That's the difficult thing. There are so many different things you could have pointed to in the game. You could have said, if this would have happened, if we could have made this play.

Coach Brown on Rhode Island being effective running the ball... They made two guys miss on the one run on their sideline. We did go after them on one of the scenarios where we had to miss a lineman. We were in assignment football and we are very young on defense and had two assignments blown. What are you going to do? Just coach harder. Keep working on it.

Coach Brown on defending against the run... You still have to deal with the pass. You are trying to negate both. It's a different style. Its going to be either a down the field home run type shot or its going to be a triple. You have to just keep playing against that style offense.



Steve Baylark describing his reaction to a face mask penalty that was not called... Yes, it fired me up a lot because at first when it happened I thought something bad was going to happen because I felt a sharp pain (in my neck). After that, I had to put it behind me and just help the team out.

Jason Peebler on the improved confidence of the offense... Yes, not on ly in games but in practice, we have just been clicking more as a unit. We have been jelling more in the past few weeks and hopefully we keep that feeling for weeks to come.

Jason Peebler on his 39-yard touchdown... They lined up in a cover two shell with the corner down and he blitzed from his corner position, which made the safety man on man with me. We had called in the huddle a 10-yard out-route. I went to lean it out and he just went straight to the out. I just went straight up the field and there were no defenders until the goal line.

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