UMass-Bowling Green Postgame Quotes

Oct. 20, 2012

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UMass Head Coach Postgame Quotes
Bowling Green 24, UMass 0
Gillette Stadium; Foxborough, Mass.
Saturday, Oct. 20, 2012

Head Coach Charley Molnar

Opening statement...
"We seemed like we were ready to play, we had a good week of practice beyond the normal bumps and bruises of a football team. There was no excuse for us to go out there and not perform at a higher level. Defensively, I thought they played the best they had all year. They tackled well and stopped the run. Offensively we couldn't put any wind in their sails, we couldn't give them any life. Offensively we just didn't have it today. Special teams will look ok statistically at the end of the day, but some of the teams had individual breakdowns. Those things all make a difference when your defense is playing like that. When you can't make field position for an offensive that is only moving the ball a few yards at a time, it makes every yard count in the special teams game."

On not executing on offense...
"I would say so much of our struggles came from just not executing. These things are just basic, it's just basic stuff. I don't know if we do things well regularly. We do things well, just not on a consistent basis. The things we do well are complete short passes and pre-snap reads to get guys open, but we just didn't have it today. We went for the hard throw rather than the easy throw. We left the pocket when protection was good. We do not always have good protection but when we do you have to stay in the pocket and go through your reads. Today we just abandoned a lot of forward progress that we had made."

On the play of redshirt-freshman QB Mike Wegzyn...
"Today he just wasn't himself. He does a lot of tough things every week in practice and today he just couldn't do them. We have to go back and see and make sure he feels confident in what he does and what he is doing, and if we've got to much on his plate we got to take some off."

On the team's performance on third downs...
"Horrific. Absolutely horrific. We got ourselves into a couple third and shorts and had some penalties. We had a second and short, with the game probably slipping away but we felt that we had a breath of life. They crossed the neutral zone, gave us a free play and we threw an incomplete pass. Now we have third down and it's no longer easy for us. We have pretty broad third down package, that we work on week in and week out, but we just couldn't execute them."

On the mood at halftime...
"These guys were jacked up. They could absolutely taste it. They saw an opportunity in front of them. I think our guys believe in themselves. They believed the offense was going to get on track and the defense was going to keep doing what they were doing."

On the progression of freshman DB D'Metrius Williams and freshman LB Kassan Messiah...
"Two of the best players on the field. They're outstanding. They took the loss hard. They play hard. They're talented but because of their enthusiasm and effort it brings them up another notch."

On Williams' halftime tweet...
"It was immature on his part obviously. We've already discussed this as a staff policy, but I'll take the blame on that and say I didn't drive it home enough. I guess I got to say it every week. Don't tweet at halftime, but he did, and I'll deal with it. We have guys make mistakes every day. There are mistakes on every play out there, we make a mistake at halftime, coaches make mistakes, I made mistakes out there today. We are all complicit. He made a mistake and he'll suffer the consequences, it's not a death sentence by him in any sense."




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