UMass at Western Michigan Quotes

Oct. 6, 2012

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Head Coach: Charley Molnar

I'm very disappointed, I don't feel like they made any strides today as a football team. I think our special teams played o.k. Offense and defense, if anything we took a step backwards.

What do you tell the guys after a game like that?
I feel really bad for the Seniors because if I was a Senior here and I was sitting in that room I wouldn't want to think that the coaches would A) Looking ahead to next year or B) that their teammates were tanking on them. I would want them to understand that, we're all fighting for them. We're all doing our best, we're trying to win football games right now.

We have a by week and when we come back it starts our second season. We just played the best the MAC has to offer these past few weeks between Ohio and Western Michigan. That's the best. When we sit there on that plan their going to say, well, we could have done this or if we did that who knows how the game would have turned out. Well, we're going to come back and try to eliminate those would've could've and go out there to win the next six games that we play. And certainly, are guys knows that they can compete in this league.

Can you talk about the kick-off they recovered.
They were scrip kicking because they were trying to kick the ball. Our guy just turned his back and started running back and the ball just hit him. It was a lucky coincidence and it all worked out for them, but bad for us.

They already had momentum on their side, and as you look across the field their a bigger faster football team then we are and a lot more experienced. We needed everything to go our way and already at that point you could feel momentum over on their side. When that happened it really just opened up the flood gates.

I knew that Western was good. There was no doubt in my mind. There were no surprises in me from what I seen from across the field. I thought our guys would have been more competitive. We had the plays to make it offensively at the beginning of the game, and we didn't do it. We didn't get the job done.



I thought the effort was there. Something I thought we did well earlier in the year was tackling. It seems like our tackling has fallen off and its always premature to talk about what went wrong until you look at the film but just at first glance as I stood there and watched. We did not tackle the same way that we tackled early in the year.

I don't think it was the environment, we have to play our 'A' game and we did not play our 'A' game today, there was no way that we did. We had chances to put momentum on our side, we had pays to make and guys didn't make the plays.

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