Postgame Quotes: UMass 48, Stony Brook 7

Sept. 23, 2006

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UMass Post-Game Quotes

Coach Don Brown on the game:
"Obviously, we had some concerns with this football team after they were nothing-nothing with Hofstra in the third quarter of the opener. They played well, especially on the defensive side against Georgetown. I think they kind of got exposed last week, so your concerns in a game like this are `how is your football team?' It's more about us than it is about them, and how are we going to handle it. I thought we came out, and were ready to play today in all phases. All phases contributed to the win. It was a total team win.

We got to play a lot of guys that deserved to play. Those are things you try to get done, but sometimes you can't get those things done because the game does not go your way. I thought the game played out the way I hoped it would play out, and it's just a great win for us. We're sitting in good shape going into the bye week. We did have a few guys get nicked today, so the bye week probably can't come at a better time for us."

Rasheed Rancher on his 89-yard touchdown catch:
I ran a shake route, it was just a regular play. Liam just threw it up, and I just went and got it.

Coach Don Brown on Rancher's 89-yard touchdown catch:
"Rasheed's been fighting a little bit of a leg thing all week. When he caught and shook away, I was a little bit nervous. I was going, `Oh please, just don't get hurt here on the end of this drive.' It was good to see him, because we had questions as to whether he'd be available today."

Liam Coen on his wide receivers:
"They all want to make the big play. Obviously you want to be consistent at the position, but making the big play, that's a game changing performance. They're all competing against each other to do a great job, and they make themselves better."



Brandon Smith on his fumble recovery for a touchdown:
"When it's close to the end zone we just try to scoop and score. It's just the first one who gets there. I saw the ball get dropped, so I just picked it up and scored; I just saw nothing but end zone."

Stony Brook Post-Game Quotes

Stony Brook Head Coach Chuck Priore's opening statement:
"When we scheduled UMass back in February, we scheduled them for two reasons. One is, we felt we needed to identify ourselves and have an idea of where our program is today and where we need to be. The second reason is, Don Brown is a class person. We knew the second half would be taken care of in a positive way. So, I publicly thank Donnie for running the game correctly. It's important for this profession, and important in college football."

Coach Priore comparing UMass and UNH:
"Going into the game, I felt both teams were very physical. UMass on film and in person were a little difference. When those two teams play, it won't have anything to do with how the scores ended up against Stony Brook. But certainly I think they are well-matched teams. If UMass keeps up what they're doing, they can be very successful throughout the rest of the year."

Coach Priore on what his team learned:
"You learn a lot of different things. We prepared all week with a game plan, keeping reality in mind. You get the feelings of where we need to be. As a football coach, you look at the weight situations, physicality of the game. We competed. We didn't let up. You look at the kids on the sidelines and see how they react to situations. Those are things you have to take home with you in games like this."

On two-straight convincing losses vs. UNH then UMass:
"To the outside world it may look as a negative. We knew all along who we were playing, who they were, and what we needed to get out of it. We broke our year into two seasons. We just finished with our seventh week when you include preseason. We have seven games in our conference to go. We'll notice team speed will be different in our conference and we'll be prepared for it. And we escaped all these game without any major injuries which is the most important thing."

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