Postgame Quotes: UMass 30, URI 10

Sept. 19, 2009

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Coach Morris Opening Statement:
Great win tonight, great team effort. I thought that defensively, offensively, and special teams it was a nice effort throughout. Great play by all phases.

Kyle Havens on how the team was clicking particularly on 3rd down:
You're in a rhythm and once you get that rhythm going it is kind of hard to stop us. We had a lot of big third down plays, the receivers were making big catches, the offensive line was blocking and everything was going our way. Everything was just real in sync, and that is the way it should be when we have the ball all season.

Kurt Filler on the turnover on the first URI possession:
That was big it changed the momentum. They had a chance to tie it up at seven and then we turned it around and it led to UMass points.

Filler on the interception:
I thought about taking it out I tried to take it out 102. The whole defense contributed. There is a big difference between 7-7 and 14-0.

Victor Cruz on Havens spreading the ball and opening the defense:
It feels good to force the defense not to key on me. It shows how talented our depth is and how talented our core is.

Cruz on fighting the inclination to get too comfortable with a large lead:
A little bit. You try not to get lazy. You want to keep the pressure on them. You tend to get laid back, but I think we did a good job of keeping our foot on them and drive the ball down to score as much as we can.

Coach Morris on Tony Nelson's play in the fourth quarter:
Certainly our game-plan offensively is to get a lead and in the fourth quarter to pound the rock, kill the clock and get Tony pounding on you and pounding on you, it gets you to break a little bit. Get a first down and put the game away.

Kurt Filler on giving up one offensive touchdown in ten quarters:
I feel like every week coach is calling the right plays to put us in the right position. Our guys are trying to run to the ball every play. Just run to the ball, run to the ball, run to the ball.

Coach Morris on only giving up one offensive touchdown in ten quarters:
It's a team effort and it is eleven guys on every play. I've tried to create that mentality here. We're getting pressure from the front and great second level games. You know we've gotten D.J. Adeoba in week one, Tyler Holmes and Eric Dickson, and Kurt is sitting up here now. Every one is contributing. On the back end we've gotten great play as well with Miles and Vivieros had another solid game, and both corners Corey Davis and Ke'Mon Bailey. With a group that you let play hard like that, we are going to be able to stay in ball games. Today we had a couple lapses that really set it up so they could get back into the game, we didn't close the game out as planned but in the end we did. We need to fix up some of those lapses, and if we do we should be a pretty competitive team.

Coach Morris on having lapses to use as teaching moments:
No, we'd rather not have any teaching moments. We'd rather have it be clean throughout the course of the game. The reality is you aren't going to be clean throughout the course of the game. Certainly instead of a 7-7 ballgame and them thinking they have a shot. It is a coaching situation going hand in hand, offense, defense. They were seamless right? Turnover, touchdown and all of a sudden now the game is not in hand certainly but you have your foot up which is what you need in the first part of a ballgame. But then we have to avoid those lapses as we went through to keep them from thinking they have a shot.

Coach Morris on the team's improvement from week to week:
We talked about that game last week where we had a good effort and it was a quality score for us. But we had a lot of things to work on. I told the guys before the film session last Sunday that it was a big win but the coaches are going to be on you because we had a lot of mistakes. Just watching the tapes and going through the game tonight we probably had less mistakes. So on that note, I think we're getting better each week. These guys do a great job during the week on focusing and taking the coaching points and getting better.

Coach Morris on the difference in time of possession in the first half:
When it really paid off was how the second half went. We kept putting the defense back on the field. And the reason they were able to stay true to form and able to stay playing was because they weren't tired out in the first half. We were fortunate enough to come back strong in the second half to say "hey we need you now D". You'd like to go a whole sixty minutes without the defense playing a whole lot of football. That means you're winning a lot of ballgames. They had to respond in the second half and did.

Kyle Havens on going 7-7 on third down in the first half:
It's not any one thing in general we just executed like we've been talking about since Kansas St. If we just come out and everyone does their assignment. I read the play right, the wide receivers run the right routes, the O-line is blocking like they did tonight, there is no reason we shouldn't be one hundred percent on third down.

Coach Morris on going 7-7 on third down:
It certainly made a difference in the ballgame in that first half. Those third down situations come up, we have a goal to be over fifty percent if you want to be in the top of the league. Obviously going one hundred percent at that point in the game makes a big difference.

Coach Morris on Kyle Havens' poise:
That's what you expect out your quarterback to be honest with you. You want your guy to be able to stand in the pocket as long as he can and deliver the ball on time, or if something goes wrong to make it right. We always talk about turning negatives into positives. And Kyle certainly on the touchdown to Zardas was an outstanding play, a missed block situation where he had to step out and throw it low in the end-zone to Zardas for a touchdown which was a real quality play. If we continue to make those plays we'll continue to score.

Kyle Havens on pocket pressure on the touchdown to Zardas:
You just can't ever give up on a play. You have to know but you've got to be smart. On that particular play I felt like I backed up just enough to where the guy wasn't going to be on my upper body. I feel that my arm is strong enough that I can zip that in there without my legs. That's what happened on that play. You've got a feel for the situation and to know what your team needs at the time.

URI Football Coach Joe Trainer Opening Statement:

"Obviously it wasn't the start we anticipated, you're playing against a great team like UMass and it's probably not going to be a shoot out either side of the ball and we got down early but we dug ourselves a big hole that we weren't able to overcome in the end, and they're a very good team and we had to bring our A game if we were going to beat them in their own backyard...and we just weren't able to beat a quality team on their turf.

"First half if you look at it they were 7 for 7 on the third down and we were 1 for 5 or 1 for 7 and you win the game on the third down because that's the down that keeps the game moving and we just have to do a better job on keeping drives alive and getting up the field in the third down, a couple times a man covers you and they do something to bunched up....we didn't do a great job there.

"But I was proud of our team the way we responded in the second half 21-0 a year ago that team would have folded and what was a 21 point deficit would have become a 44/45 point defeat, but as bad as we played and as bad as we coached them in the first half, I think with about 8 minutes to go we were still in that football game, to the final field goal in the second half. I was proud of the way we responded just the margin of error in this conference is too small...we had to win a game on the road, but we made too many miscues that cost us the opportunity to win this game.

Trainer on not having played last weekend.

"I don't think so, I think we had a great week of practice you know Chris was banged up in the second half, I was so proud of the way he played this week and just battling that injury, he did great..."

"I'm personally never a big fan of anybody, because then some years you don't want the season to end you don't want the hold in the middle of it and years when you get off to a good start and are playing well you want to stay in the front, but you're going to have eyes at every level,"

"We did a great job I think we got better and we just have to grow from this week."




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