Postgame Quotes: No. 9 UMass 31, Villanova 21

Don Brown led UMass to just its second ever win at Villanova.

Don Brown led UMass to just its second ever win at Villanova.

Sept. 16, 2006

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Massachusetts Head Coach Don Brown...

On today's game: We obviously knew coming in that this was going to be a very difficult game. For whatever reason we struggled down here in the past, although in 2003 we eked out of here with a win on a miracle play. I think the critical factor was the possession time. We ate up the clock and kept them on the field for most of it. We settled down and made some adjustments in the second quarter and through the half to limit Villanova to one scoring drive in the second half. We got some things accomplished on both sides of the ball but we need to improve in both areas.

On Villanova: We knew that Villanova was a good team we would have to deal with. They played extremely well against University of Central Florida and did a lot of things right but just didn't finish against Lehigh. I give them a lot of credit. They came out ready to go, ran the reverse, hit a counter play and had a touchdown right at the outset.

On responding to Villanova's early lead: I thought we responded extremely well from an offensive perspective. It was a difficult game and you go into halftime and it is anyone's game. I thought we made a statement in the second half and played extremely well. Liam Coen did a great job managing the football game and Brandon London had several big plays.

On Brandon London: He is going to get singled out for the 100 yards receiving but in my opinion he is the best blocking receiver in the league. I am sure that [running back] Steve Baylark would agree.

Villanova Head Coach Andy Talley...

On the game: Obviously they had their way statistically. I think the most important thing that I got out of this game is the fact that I now think we have a football team that all of us want to coach. I think this is a team that wants to compete and that is going to play hard for four quarters. If we continue to do that we are going to win some games.



On Massachusetts: They are very good. We have seen over the years that they are a team which compares pretty well with a lot of the really good teams that have a chance to win championships. They have a great defense and great offense. We could have been in the game as bad as the stats were. We had opportunities and chances but turnovers on a blocked punt and kickoff return at critical times hurt us.

On Villanova: We played as hard as we could play. There were still some mistakes but I am confident that this is a team that has a chance to win some games. We are going to be a good team. Right now we have played three pretty good teams and don't have the complete package yet. I am hoping that we will continue to develop. Our defense struggled in spots today against their offense, where they had us outmanned a little bit with the wide-outs in critical situations. I don't think anybody is going to be able to stop what they do around the goal line.

On taking something out of this game: I come out of the game upbeat. For the first time this year I can see that we have a team that is going to get better and is going to be heard from in our league. UMass is probably on their way to the playoffs and has a chance to make a lot of noise in the postseason with a chance to win a championship.

On the secondary: I don't think we played as well on the secondary as we could have but it is hard to stop their running game. If we start blitzing and they run the ball and hit a seam it's a touchdown. We wanted to blitz more and we want after them more in the second half, but the ball comes out so fast that it is hard to knock a kid down.

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