Postgame Quotes: No. 14 UMass 30, No. 4 Colgate 20

Sept. 12, 2004

UMass Head Coach Don Brown On How Important The Game Was
. ``I'd be remiss if I said we weren't looking forward to this game. From the day I was hired, we circled this one on the calendar. They hung tough, everytime we delivered a blow, they stayed in the game and delivered a counter blow."

Brown on Jason Peebler
``He can take the hitch route, he can take the short route and turn it into a home run. The thing about him, too, is he's about 218 pounds right now, so if you don't put it on him, he's gone. You better put your eyebrows on his chinstrap and tackle him because if you don't, he's going to break a tackle and he has that great speed that can put it in the end zone. He's the play-maker."

Colgate Head Coach Dick Biddle On The Game In Comparison To Last Season's Snow Bowl In The NCAA Playoffs
``It had nothing to do with last season. It had nothing to do with the weather. I'm sure they (UMass) were using it as motivation, but we just got beat. I think we dug ourselves a hole, but I think we played extremely hard. UMass was obviously motivated, but we hung in there."



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