Postgame Quotes: Kansas State 21, UMass 17

Sept. 5, 2009

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Head Coach Kevin Morris
On the atmosphere of the game... "Our kids want to play in this type of venue all the time. A lot of the guys, they want to take on this kind of a challenge. Certainly Coach Snyder's homecoming, welcoming him back to the coaching profession and we are happy he is back and to be playing him on opening night. He is a great coach and always has well-coached teams and with this crowd it did not help. This is the environment we want to play in though, we would come back here tomorrow and play again if we could."

On K-State's running game... "I think that is what the difference was, especially the scramble at the end; that was a great play by Carson Coffman. Daniel Thomas and their run game are very strong. Thomas is very tough and very physical. Our kids worked their tails off to try and control it, and in the second half I think we did a pretty good job, but in the end a couple of those plays broke our backs and we were not able to finish on offense."

On special teams play... "I know Coach Snyder is big on special teams and I have learned over the years you have to be good on special teams. We wanted to come out tonight and play hard nose, physical football and we wanted to be aggressive and attack, especially on special teams. We want to make big plays on offense, defense and special teams, and tonight, we got our biggest plays on special teams."

Junior Quarterback Kyle Havens
On the team's play against KSU...
"We came out and played a good Kansas State team and had opportunities and we didn't make plays when we needed to. But the score definitely shows that we can play with the best. We can play a Division I opponent like this and we can definitely run with everyone in our conference. It gives us a lot of confidence going into next week."

On the second-half comeback ...
"Coach told us to keep fighting, that the game wasn't over. If a couple more plays had gone the other way we would be right in there, so we just had to keep our heads up and keep fighting."

Junior Defensive Back Ke'Mon Bailey

On how the team played...
"We came out strong and had some big turnovers in the first half. I caused one of them. After that, they got some momentum going in the first half and kind of threw us under. In the second half our defense came out and rocked and the offense came out and executed really well. We just could have finished it a little better."

On switching from offense to defense this season...
"Since we practiced it and prepared for it, it wasn't too tough. I had to make some adjustments as far as the speed goes because they are a Division 1-A school, but that doesn't make them any better than us. We still played really well.

On his team's efforts...
"My teammates played well. They put it all on the wall and gave 100 percent effort. We're going to keep coming. We're not finished."

Senior Running Back Tony Nelson
On how the offense performed tonight...
"I thought the offense did well, the offensive line did a good job on blocking. I personally think I started off a little slow, but I picked it up in the second half. We got it going but just did not make enough plays to finish it.

On how he and Junior Quarterback Kyle Havens lead the huddle...
"We were just trying to get our guys pumped up, Kyle is the quarterback and with me being the senior running back we were just trying to get the guys pumped up. We were in it, we wanted it but like I said we could not finish it.

On how to learn from this game...
"It's the Big 12, I know most people do not expect us to hang in with these guys. We lost by what 4 points right? So people are probably expecting us to do really good in D1-AA. So we can use this as a stepping stone and just go on from there.

On what changed in the 2nd half...
"I just started being more patient when it came to the running game more focused, just making my reads and just making my reads and just did well."

Kansas State Head Coach Bill Snyder
Opening Statement...
"Without me elaborating, you can see what concerns I have, and there are a lot of them. I was proud of how well we played defensively tonight. I think that UMASS has been an awfully good running football team. I know we held them to thirty yards in the first half, but I don't know what we had collectively, I haven't looked at a sheet of paper yet. But I thought we played well. We were fortunate on defense. They dropped an awful lot of passes. So there are some issues that we have to clean up there as well, but overall collectively I was pleased. Obviously our kicking game was not what it needed to be. We gave up seven points in the kicking game. Offensively I thought that in the second quarter of the ballgame, we began to put things together, and proved that maybe we have a little bit of a capacity for movement of the football, ran the ball reasonably well, in the second quarter of the ballgame. Then it all fell apart in the second half and we were a bad, bad, offensive football team in the second half. Its no more complex than that. I think as I said, that the University of Massachusetts is a very fine football team. They have some very, very fine players. They've got some skilled wide receivers. I think it could have been a different ball game, much quicker had they not put some balls on the ground. But I do know that they have some talent there. They are a well coached football team, but that doesn't help us."

Junior Quarterback Carson Coffman

How the offense performed overall....
"We have a lot of improvements to make, we were a little fast in the first half and in the second half we got shut out. It was quite an embarrassing performance from the team and myself. During practice this week I wasn't really hydrated well enough, so in the second half I was cramping a lot, because of that I don't think I performed that well. I felt comfortable the whole game"

How did Coach Snyder's first game back feel...
"It was a good feeling and we were excited. The atmosphere was great it was a sold out game there were also a lot of old players back."

Senior Wide Receiver Attrail Snipes

On his two touchdowns tonight...
"With the first one, we just ran everybody off and I knew that if it was Man to Man, I was going to beat my man. Brice (Vignery) made a nice block downfield. On the second touchdown I knew if I beat my man to the inside I just had to get by him, and I knew if he (Coffman) threw it up I was going to go get it. "

On getting in rhythm with a new quarterback...
"It is very important because I didn't play that much last year. Since the summer Carson (Coffman) and Grant (Gregory) have been throwing the ball well, so I didn't think there would be a difference between the game and practice."

On his overall performance....
"I was very excited knowing I was going to be a starter, I was surprised I did play this well and I knew all eyes would be on Brandon (Banks) so I knew I would have to step up.

Senior Running Back Keithen Valentine

On his role in the offense...
"I am just trying to get in the game and do my job when I get the chance. Daniel (Thomas) pounded it in and soften up the defense and then I came in and got my yards. I just want to come in and play like a starter and help the team out any way I can."

 On the offense's performance...
"I was just disappointed, no offense to UMass they are a good team, I just feel like we could have scored more points than we did."




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