Postgame Quotes: UMass At Wisconsin

Aug 31, 2013

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UMass Head Coach Charley Molnar Postgame Quotes
Wisconsin vs. UMass
Aug. 31, 2013
Camp Randall Stadium - Madison, Wis.

Opening statement:
"I'll just start off and I'll make some statements. No. 1 is nothing can describe the feeling that I have inside or our football team has right now. We came out here to Madison to win the football game and we knew it was going to be tough and we knew we needed to play near-perfect football in order for that to happen. And obviously that wasn't the case. We had our share of missed assignments, pre-snap penalties, turnovers and missed tackles. And those things all added up to the afternoon that you saw. Is our football team better than it was a year ago at this time? Absolutely it is. Does our scoreboard show it? I can't tell you. All I know is this, Wisconsin is an awfully good football team. We're not there yet. I can't stand there in front of that group of men and say `We're an awfully good football team.' I can say this, at some point in the future this season, I'd like to be able to stand in front of them and come into one of these news conferences and say `We've become an awfully good football team.' But this afternoon we're not quite there yet."

On the timeout that was called before kicker Blake Lucas made a 47-yard field goal and later missed:
"Well, the clock was ticking down and we could tell our center wasn't aware of the clock down and our special teams coach and I were looking at the clock and we had to make a decision really fast. We were right on our kickers limit for that day. And if we take a 5-yard penalty, now we're out of field goal range. So, he makes it after the timeout and that's just like the NBA when that stuff happens too, you know? He should've made it the second time just like he made if the first time, really."

On the amount of penalties:
"You know, if it was just the freshmen making those mistakes, I wouldn't like them and I could sit here and say we'll overcome that soon enough. But it was disappointing when some of the upperclassmen made those mistakes. They didn't play with the poise that you expect guys that have had 20-some odd career starts to things that you wouldn't expect them to do."



On whether or not he expected more blitzing from the Badgers' defense:
"They had a number of pressures, they were bringing an extra defender quite often. For the most part we picked it up. We didn't see their whole package, not necessarily because we're UMass and they're Wisconsin and they're saving it for the Big Ten. This is their first game as a staff and I think they just want to grow incrementally and be a master of their defense and then take the next step forward next weekend."

On what impressed him on the Badgers' defense:
"Well I just thought how active their safeties were, how good they were. They were really good football players. Especially No. 7 (Michael Caputo), he was around the ball and on the line of scrimmage all day long and we just couldn't take advantage of that."

On how pleased he was overall with how his defense handled the Badgers' offense:
"We had some individuals that had a good day. We just couldn't get anything really sustained. And most of it, again, was self-inflicted wounds with all due credit to Wisconsin, they were awfully good. Even if we were running on all cylinders, we would've been hard-pressed to get 10 points. But with us not running on all cylinders it made it, as you can see, impossible for us."

On how tough he thinks it is to defend the Badgers' running game:
"Their running game has been honed over two decades. Recruiting a certain profile, offensive lineman, running back, tight ends, you honestly, you could've been watching 1992 or 1988 Badgers with Coach (Barry) Alvarez with the same plays, just different guys doing the same things. They have a good grasp, I think their coaching staff did a very good job on offense of maintaining continuity within the system. I don't know what terminology they're using, but those guys felt very, very comfortable running that offense today."

On allowing big plays:
"Some of it is you're in 1-on-1 situations, and sometimes you're guy wins and sometimes their guy wins. And today their guy won more guys than our guy did for whatever reason. Is he more talented? I don't know, I think he's one of the leading receivers all-time in the Big Ten, so he's a pretty good football player. We were still playing with a pretty young guy out there, and some of the matchups you could see our guy just wasn't able to make a play on the ball. He was with him step-for-step but just couldn't quite make the play. Maybe four to five weeks or maybe a year from now, it would be a different story, but today, we just weren't ready to do it."

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