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Chris Lowe has 10 or more assists in three of his last four games.

Chris Lowe has 10 or more assists in three of his last four games.

Dec. 27, 2008

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    Check out the live blog from today's IUPUI at UMass game from the Mullins Center at 4 p.m. The Minutemen will be seeking to avenge last season's 89-77 loss in Indianapolis on Dec. 1 after they posted a massive 107-100 win at the Carrier Dome just days prior.

    Hello UMass fans, Jason Yellin and Allison Miller coming to you live from the Mullins Center with today's live blog from the UMass-IUPUI game.

    5:58 p.m. Back for one final time...Some standout performers for the Minutemen were none other than Ricky Harris (23 points, seven rebounds, four assists, and three steals) and Tony Gaffney (11 points, 11 rebounds, two assists, three steals, and five blocks)...Talk about filling out the stat sheet!

    Harris and Gaffney were the only Minutemen to reach double figures. Six others also scored at least two points...Leading the way for IUPUI was Alex Young (19 points), Jon Avery (13), and Robert Glenn (10).

    Team Stats:
    FG's: UMass 24-56 (43%), IUPUI 23-52 (44%)
    3 PT FG's: UMass 11-25 (44%), IUPUI 4-17 (24%)
    Rebounds: UMass (32), IUPUI (32)

    Also, kudos to the defense that only allowed three IUPUI baskets over the final 14 minutes. Very encouraging was the rebounding as well. One game after giving up over 60 boards to Hofstra, the battle of the boards was even at 32-32...Looks like Coach Kellogg and the Minutemen are making good adjustments.



    That about does it from the Mullins Center. Another UMass win (boy, isn't that music to your ears?) Be sure to check back on Tuesday for as the Minutemen head to the Lone Star State. Remember, UMass plays at Houston at 2 p.m. ET, not the originally scheduled night game.

    Enjoy your weekend...See you back at the Mullins Center in one week (Jan. 3) for a huge clash with SEC power Vanderbilt at 5 p.m. Good Night!

    5:45 p.m. Tony Gaffney hits two free throws for yet another double-double to cap off a 64-57 win over a very good IUPUI squad. Congrats to the Minutemen on their fourth straight win...What a long way the squad has come in such a short period of time! Back with some final statistics in a bit...

    5:41 p.m. Chris Lowe gets the basket...AND A FOUL! Minutemen up 62-57 after the missed free throw, but a little over 10 seconds left and it looks like time is running out on the Jaguars...

    5:39 p.m. We have ourselves another nail-biter! UMass is up by three (60-57) with 12 on the shot clock and 23 on the game clock, so IUPUI does not have to foul...Let's hope the game ends like Kansas and not Toledo...Here we go!

    5:38 p.m. IUPUI keeps clawing back and will not go away. The Minutemen are holding a slim five point lead (60-55). It was almost three, but the refs called basket interference by IUPUI's Robert Glenn.

    5:29 p.m. Harris open lay-up gives UMass a 58-51 lead with 5:33 left and forces Ron Hunter to call timeout. IUPUI has no field goals for more than eight minutes since 13:47 of game time.

    5:27 p.m. What should have been an intentional foul was just a regular foul as Gaffney had a breakaway and Pettiford fouled him. Gaffney misses both foul shots so good foul by IUPUI, UMass leads 54-51 with 6:30 left ... Gaffney with his fifth block to equal his season average.

    5:21 p.m. Gurley cans the 12th 3-pointer of the game for UMass as the Minutemen now have 27 in their last two games. Harris 5-of-7 from 3FGs in the game. UMass leads 54-48 ... IUPUI has ZERO field goals since 13:47, 5:10 of game time.

    5:15 p.m. Tony Gaffney takes his third charge of the season and first since the SIU game on Nov. 11 ... Gaffney then grabs his eighth rebound of the game.

    Media TO, UMass up 51-48 with 11:16 left as Bonner picks up his fourth foul of the game.

    5:11 p.m. Coming out the media timeout, we stand UMass 47-46 with 14:00 left ... They just showed a video of former walk-on and local hero Jason Germain on the board which got a great ovation ... That was followed with a shot of Rigo Nunez, which got a bigger ovation.

    Harris going to the line for free throws, misses the first and hits the last two for 19 points, giving up 1024 in his career. He just passed Tim Edwards, the move to 37th in career scoring at UMass.

    Vance Walberg's spory coat has come off with 13:52 left in the second half.

    5:07 p.m. Just as quick as UMass took a 10-point lead, IUPUI came back with a 9-0 run to stand one-point down 44-43 with 15:02 left in the second ... Alex Young with a flying dunk gives him 19 points. Derek Kellogg calls timeout as the Minutemen look flustered just a fast as they looked to have a chance to pull away.

    5:03 p.m. Tony Gaffney on display here at the Mullins, a block and dunk gives UMass a 42-33 lead with 17:52 left in the second ... Gaffney gets the fans on their feet with a monster dunk after an impressive rising swat.

    4:55 p.m.

    Great CYO girls basketball game at halftime ...

    Here's a look at some key halftime stats: IUPUI's Alex Young has been a stud with 15 points, equalling his season average. UMass' Ricky Harris leads the Minutemen with 11 points including that shot-clock beater right before halftime. Matt Glass has a season-best nine points on three treys.

    Chris Lowe has six assists and just one turnover. Billy Pettiford his counterpart for the Jags has four asissts.

    Field Goal Pct: IUPUI - 52%, UMass 42%
    3FGs: IUPUI 3-8, UMass 7-13 (another great game on the heels of the 15-26 vs. Hofstra)
    Rebounds: IUPUI 17, UMass 14
    Turnovers: IUPUI 9, UMass 6

    Just one block for Tony Gaffney, the NCAA's No. 2 shot blocker at 5.1. He does have five rebounds and five points.

    4:45 p.m.Amazing 40-foot shot by Ricky Harris bounces in and out and in again to give UMass the 34-31 lead at halftime.

    4:42 p.m. Matt Glass nets his third 3FG of the game to give UMass back the lead, but Young equals his season average with another jumper ... Then Harris knocks down a 3FG.... We stand tied at 31 all with 26 seconds left in the half as Derek Kellogg uses his use-it-or-lose it halftime timeout.

    4:40 p.m. IUPUI had a chance to grab its first lead since 2-0 to begin the game, but Jon Avery misses two free throws and we stayed at 25 all.

    Then the Jags do take the lead as Alex Young cans a jumper for a 27-25 advantage with 2:20 left in the first half. David Gibbs misses a jumper on the other side to give IUPUI the ball back.

    4:36 p.m. IUPUI's top scorer Alex Young, the Indianapolis Player of the Year in High School last year, has 11 already, four shy of his average of 15.0. IUPUI's slashing style has been impressive early on, they have converted on several fast breaks while limiting Gaffney who is 2-of-7 from the floor.

    Under 4:00 media timeout and we stand at 25 all with 3:14 left.

    IUPUI will go to the line when we get back.

    4:32 p.m. IUPUI coach Ron Hunter is one of the most animated coaches in the business ... Just down by their bench and he was talking abbout his players needing to keep their eyes wide open and he gave an incredible graphic description with his eyes of how wide he wants the eyes to be.

    Ricky Harris called for a charge on a call that makes Derek Kellogg slam his hand on the scorers table, as hard as he has smashed it all season.

    Tony Gaffney was another follow he has five points and two rebounds to date ...

    UMass leads 25-20 off a steal by Gaffney and a lay-up by Harris. 5:40 left.

    4:28 p.m. Chris Lowe has four assists ... Gary Correia just forced John Ashworth into a 5-second call, the second Correia 5-second call drawn this season ... Great defense by the sophomore guard.

    UMass leads 18-14 with 8:22 left.

    4:23 p.m. Rigo Nunez from the glory days of the 1990s is here in the house at the Mullins Center. He just walked by the UMass bench and gave Derek Kellogg a wave and quick shoutout which DK acknowledged.

    Near charge taken by Luke Bonner, it really looked to be yet another charge taken by Luke, who had four last game vs. Hofstra, but he was called for the block and IUPUI hits two free throws to come to within 16-11 with 10:59 left.

    4:20 p.m. First subs for UMass at 14:40 Tyrell Lynch and David Gibbs into the game for Matt Glass and Anthony Gurley. The fans just continue to flow in on this post-Christmas special. There is still a line out the door, we hear from Ticket Manager Sean Quinn and we are already seven minutes into the game ... Gibbs nails a 3-pointer as his confidence continues to rise.

    UMass leads 11-9, 13:15 in first.

    4:15 p.m. Those who might be watching TV while listening to the UMass game on the radio or watching the internet web stream, might have been watching the Ohio State-West Virginia game on CBS ... during that game, UMass got a shoutout for its great run in the NIT last season.

    UMass up 8-4, 15:30 left in the first.

    4:11The sideline favorite, Leroy Nobles, enters the game for IUPUI. COUNT THE BASKET, Tony Gaffney. A huge, reverse lay-up and made free throw put the Minutemen up 8-2. The Minutemen are on an 8-0 run.

    4:10The Minutemen started a little frazzled, but a fast break score by Anthony Gurley, a stand on defense, and a three by Matt Glass seem to have calmed the team down.

    4:06 Here comes the tip: Won by UMass. The Minutemen look to set the tempo early in this game.

    4:05 Starters are being announced by in-game host Matty G. The Mullins Center is rocking, despite all the students being home for winter session.

    4:03 Officials for today's game are D.J. Carstensen, Lamar Simpson, and Bryan Anslinger.

    4:00 Head Coach Derek Kellogg went with his traditional black suit, red tie, with the remaining four of five assistant coaches wearing grey suits. Did they call each other last night to coordinate? Who forgot to call Director of Operations Andy Allison? He's in a tan suit.

    3:56 Just before the game starts, I would like to give a shout out to John Sinnett, Matt Houde, and the entire hockey team who are on their way to Dartmouth to face Bemidji State Sunday at 4:00. Apparently, Bemidji is the mythical home of Paul Bunyan. Thank you to Dave Gunn for that tidbit.

    3:52 We've just honored Dr. Richard Simpson at halfcourt. He is a distinguished professor from ISOM and has made a difference in the lives of over 3,000 students.

    Starters for UMass:
    Forward #33 Matt Glass, sophomore
    Center #24 Tony Gaffney, redshirt senior
    Guard #5 Ricky Harris, junior
    Guard #12 Anthony Gurley, redshirt sophomore
    Guard #14 Chris Lowe, senior

    UMass sticks with the same lineup, despite the comeback of senior Luke Bonner. Possibly superstitious because the Minutemen are 3-0 with this lineup.

    Starters for IUPUI:

    Forward #5 Alex Young, freshman
    Forward #20 Jon Avery, junior
    Forward #54 Billy Pettiford, junior
    Guard #24 Gary Patterson, senior
    Guard #42 John Ashworth, sophomore

    Most notably, freshman Alex Young is leading the team with 15.0 points per game.

    3:40 HERE COME THE MINUTEMEN! UMass comes onto the court to rousing applause and are now shooting lay-ups to some old school Nelly. Monster dunk from senior Tony Gaffney.

    3:35 Who remembers Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Well IUPUI's Leroy Nobles is bringing back the flat top hair style! Jason thinks if someone famous wears it, it'll come back in style, but I have my doubts.

    3:30 Shout out to bus driver Guy Racine, long-time Minutemen fan, who has just taken a seat courtside. The Minutemen head to the locker room to discuss some last-minute game strategy.

    3:20 Ricky Harris just picked out today's game ball, a tradition he has upheld all season long. Matt Glass and Tony Gaffney are stretching at half-court in all white, while everyone else on the team dons red warm-up jerseys. The IUPUI team has gone in for their pre-game speech, while the Minnutemen continue to shoot around.

    2:55 p.m. IUPUI arrived at the Mullins Center and has hit the court first. The Jaguars are from the Summit League and are largely under the radar but shouldn't be. They posted a 26-7 record last season, but were left out of the postseason probably because of no one knowing who they were. They had an NBA first-round draft pick in George Hill, who is seeking major minutes with the San Antonio Spurs this season. IUPUI which beat UMass last season at their cozy home "The Jungle" were 15-0 at home last year!

    Any idea what IUPUI's enrollment? You might think small, but think again, 30,300. The school's name comes from Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. It is a conglomerate of the two schools in Indiana that was founded in 1969. This is the Jaguars 11th season of Division I basketball after playing at Division II.

    Head coach Ron Hunter has built a power that knocked off a Big East team for the first time last week, beating Seton Hall by two in New Jersey. Hunter gained national recognition for his shoe drive last year where he coached a game barefoot to raise awareness of those in need of shoes around the world. He helped bring in 100,000 pairs of shoes after coaching on Martin Luther King's birthday barefoot against Oakland on Jan. 24, 2008.

    So all said and done, IUPUI should be resepected and will give UMass a tough challenge today for anyone who thinks this should be easy since they have not heard of the school should think again.


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