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Bonner's Blog Returns: Smorgasbord of Summer

Luke Bonner returns with his summer blog.

Luke Bonner returns with his summer blog.

Summer Entry - August 2, 2007

As we approach the tail end of the summer, I feel it is appropriate to reflect upon the main happenings of summer thus far. The summer started with a trip to San Antonio for games 1 and 2 of the NBA Finals.

More entertaining than the series itself, was getting to watch my dad (Big Dave Bonner) interact with the likes of Terrence Howard, Eva Longoria, and Terry Crews. My dad hit it off well with all of them, and did not hesitate to hit up any of them with his classic New England style one-liners.

I tried to use the relationships he established with them to land a spot on MTV's "My Super Sweet Sixteen." Only, instead of it being "My Super Sweet Sixteen," I wanted to have a "Super Sweet Retirement party" for my dad. He retired after a million years of working for the United States Postal Service. He worked very hard, and put in a lot of time, alongside my mother, to help support our family. It is the hard work of my mother and father that helped mold my brother, my sister, and myself into who we are today. So I would like to thank my dad and congratulate him on his retirement (tear).

Moving forward, even more exciting than my brother winning an NBA championship was the charity concert we put on July 14. The concert was absolutely incredible. I've spoken about it several times in my blog, and it was an absolute thrill.

The two weeks prior to the show were absolute insanity. My brother's basketball camp was going on during the day, followed by workouts and promotional stuff for the show at night. We were on several radio stations which was a lots of fun. People were so receptive to our cause and it was very uplifting. There were so many small details that went into making sure that everything was going to be all set come the day of the show. It proved to be two of the busiest weeks of my life.

The day of the concert was one of the most memorable days of my life for sure. Matt Pennie and former UMass manager Dan Cutler came up to help out with everything all day which was much appreciated. In the morning we had a free basketball clinic held at the Concord Boys and Girls Club for local kids. We put the kids through a few drills and gave away a ton of Spurs gear.

Once that was over, it was non stop work until Okkervil River took the stage at 8:30. We were at the Capitol center of the Arts for the sound checks of all the bands making sure everything was perfect. We were putting posters up and finalizing the details of the schedule of the show. We had a few Segways donated for the day as well, so I had my girlfriend and Cutler's girlfriend ride around downtown for some last minute promotion. I was so excited once the show started.

Our first band, Lando, out of Savannah, GA did a phenomenal job. We received a lot of positive feedback about their performance, and I really enjoyed their stuff. They recently produced their first music video which can be viewed on Youtube ( I recommend checking it out as they are very talented with a promising future.

After Lando performed, my good friend and comedian, Patrick Earls, performed his skit "Man in the Hat." I had a cameo in this act as "Man in the Cape." I thought the skit was quite funny, and Patrick did a great job.

I was unable to see the second band (Ron Noyes Band), because I was busy back stage getting ready for the headliner. After their set was over, we rode down the aisle on the Segways throwing some Spurs championship gear into the crowd along the way. However, when I turned to wave to a friend while bombing down the aisle, my Segway wheel caught onto a seat and I went tumbling down. Luckily a nice fellow near the first row jumped up and caught me, practically saving my life. So, if that man somehow reads this, I would like to say thank you kind sir.

Anyway, after that debacle, my brother announced the raffle winners (items included Spurs autographed basketball, Tim Duncan autographed game shoes, Tony parker autographed framed poster, Robert Horry autographed shoes, Will Mo Pena autographed baseball, a case of vitamin water, etc). At this point I found my way to my seat to get ready for the Okkervil River performance.

I had been looking forward to their performance all year, and it was so rewarding to see everything come together so well. There were nearly 600 people at the show, and Okkervil River absolutely blew everyone away with their performance. Will Sheff (the lead singer) had his entire family in the first two rows as he is originally from New Hampshire. It was a great feeling seeing them look around the theater as fans of the band were singing and dancing along with every song. My personal highlight came around the fourth song of their set list, when I got to play the maracas and my brother played the tambourine for their song "The Latest Toughs." My brother told me that they wanted us to be on stage for that, but I did not believe him. When they told us before the show I was a little nervous, but I nailed my part and might even have a future in playing the maracas.

The crowd loosened up as the night went on, and by the end people were on their feet singing and dancing. There was so much energy in the building. When Okkervil finished their first encore, the crowd was going nuts. I approached Will Sheff, and told him the crowd wants another encore if it's possible. He replied that they had not rehearsed anything else, but proceeded to the stage anyway for a second encore.

It was a surreal feeling once the show was completed. I could not believe that we had pulled it off. The bands were so great and such amazing people. I am very happy I got to know all of them. I would like to especially thank Okkervil River for coming up to NH, and let them know how greatly we appreciated getting to spend some time with them. I would also like to give a special thanks to Matt Pennie and Dan Cutler, because they were the ones back stage holding it down to make sure everyone knew where to be in order for the show to adhere to the schedule. Also, I owe thanks to my brother for allowing me to have such a big part in the whole process, and to my family for helping out so much. Finally, thanks to all of the people who attended the show (if I forgot anyone, sorry, I'll make it up to you!). It was definitely the best night of my summer, and I am sure others feel as strongly as I do about it. If you were unable to make it this year, there will be another next year, and it is definitely worth the trip. If you do not believe me, just ask anyone who was at the show, and I am sure that they will tell you the same. . I expect to have even more people in attendance next year!

For now, enjoy the rest of the summer, and I will try to keep everyone posted on what is going on in the world as I continue to workout and get ready for the upcoming season.

Song of the Day: "Hellodrama" by what Made Milwaukee Famous Movie of the Day: The Devil and Daniel Johnston

Luke Bonner 31

P.S. Okkervil River has a new album coming out August 7 called "Stage Names," BUY IT!!! Also, Okkervil River will be performing at Pearl St. Nightclub in Northampton on Wednesday September 26. I highly recommend that you fit this date into your schedule and make the trip to check them out live. Don't miss it!!!




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