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Luke takes on the alma mater of his brother Matt.

Luke takes on the alma mater of his brother Matt.

March 30, 2008

NEW YORK, N.Y. - Cheers Fans...

We are currently on the bus heading to NYC, and I figure it's as good a time as any for a fresh blog. Most of you may have noticed that I have strayed from my pre-game ritual. Typically I go into every game freshly shaven. However, I have neglected to shave throughout the NIT. I figured a little NIT beard would not hurt. Despite being a mustache enthusiast, I chose to go with the beard over a Tom Sellick (Magnum P.I.-esque) mustache. The beard has definitely resulted in an increased level of manliness.

Major inspiration for the beard was rooted in the "Dirty Man" competition that occurred between Tony Gaffney, Matt Glass, and Matt Pennie earlier in the season. All three had a friendly competition to see who could abstain the longest from getting a haircut or shaving. However, all three tapped out before things got too intense.

A discussion over the "Dirty Man" competition resulted in the creation of a sister competition that will take place sometime during the off-season. This competition is unofficially known as the "Primitive Man" competition. The rules have not been finalized, but the general guidelines are understood. The goal is to go an entire week (Sunday to Sunday) without access to some modern technologies. For this week everybody will turn in his cell phone to Matt Pennie (who is not participating because he knows he will cheat; I admire his honesty). Phone calls are not allowed for the week. Additionally, we are not allowed to use the Internet for anything except school assignments. Facebook, Youtube, ESPN, etc. are all off limits. Television is also banned. Even cars are not allowed. All travel must be done via foot, bike, or bus. Ipods have limited availability. You are allowed to fully charge the battery prior to the week, and once that battery dies so too does your ability to listen to your headphones. Therefore it is important to ration your Ipod use. This competition will serve to simplify our lives. We will be forced to find other ways to entertain ourselves and get by. It will be a great way to do some soul searching and increase live human interaction.



But enough about my outstanding facial hair and anti-technology competitions, we have made it to the NIT Final 4! I am excited because we have to attend a banquet tomorrow, which will most definitely be a bowtie occasion. I am very excited to get to play in the Madison Square Garden again. It really is great to think about the venues basketball has taken me to. Madison Square Garden is a long way away from my days of playing in McHugh gymnasium (the second most famous arena in the world behind MSG) at Trinity High School in New Hampshire. Not only that, but we get to face my brother's alma mater, the Florida Gators. It will mark the second time since my brother set foot on campus in Gainesville that my family will be rooting against Florida. My sister's Boston University women's basketball team fell short to the Gators a few years back. For one night my brother will be forced to leave his blue and orange at home in exchange for the maroon and white. I look forward to a significant UMASS fan base in the Garden Tuesday night!

Song of the Day: "Kids" by MGMT Book of the Day: Into the Wild

Cheers, Luke Bonner 31


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