Men's Basketball

Teleconference with Basketball Associate Head Coach Tim Maloney

Men's Basketball Associate Head Coach Tim Maloney

Men's Basketball Associate Head Coach Tim Maloney

March 10, 2008

Associate Head Coach Tim Maloney on being a third seed and having a bye in the A-10 Tournament : This is what we have worked for and that we are fortunate that we have an extra day to prepare and to be well rested for the game. We have played a number of games during the season so we don't think that an extra game would assist us as much as having time to prepare for the next game but once the lights go on and the ball is thrown up the truth is that it is not going to matter other then what takes place in that game.

Associate Head Coach Maloney on playing the winner of Charlotte and Rhode Island : They are two very difficult teams to compete against. Either team presents different sets of challenges; they are both teams capable of winning the tournament itself. Our preparation will be just toward our mentality of being hunters and people that want to do our very best during this time of year.

Associate Head Coach Maloney on the seasons of Forbes and Harris : What is interesting is that when Gary heard that he was player of the year he shook his head and immediately started talking about Etienne Brower, Dante Milligan, Tony Gaffney, he started talking about all of the guys that have done so much for our team to be successful. We are happy that a UMass player is being recognized as player of the year and that Gary has taken it with humility and not with a cockiness. He is a really really good kid, someone who had grown since he has been here and we are very excited for him and what that represents. Ricky has just been a pleasure, when a guys comes in as a sophomore now and steps into a roll that really commanded the attention of the leading scorer and he had found a way to do and that at the same time worked on making sure his weaknesses on defense and his understanding of playing on the other side of the ball are not longer that, weaknesses. That he has an understanding at that level of the floor and has competed and has become better and better defensively so collectively everyone has improved and very proud that Ricky is recognized for that award.



Associate Head Coach Maloney on supporting cast of the Minutemen : It is interesting, I don't know if anyone on our team is boxed into a roll. If you look at someone like Dante and the minutes he plays in the post again being someone like Ricky Harris stepping into a situation, he is someone that did not play as many minutes last year, had certainly some opportunities where he showcased where he could get the job done but know had to step in this year and the volume of minutes increased and with that so did his production. We are very excited that he did that. If you look at someone like Etienne Brower who probably is one of the better three point shooters in our conference and maybe one of the best three point shooters there is. At 6'8" to be able to shoot the ball with the consistency level that he has and at the same time be a guy that rebound and tries to do all of the little things as I think all of our guys are now trying to do, all of the little things to win. That has really made the biggest statement for us. I don't know if you call them roll players I just think that you call them UMass players. Guys that want to be a piece of the puzzle, that is one that wants to come together and it is something that you can look at with a level of pride.

Associate Head Coach Maloney on the very completive A-10 Conference : I have certainly not seen any conference with the type of non-conference schedule that we had and things that everyone in our conference did to showcase that the A-10 is a high conference and one that really competes on the road against some very difficult opponents and then you get into conference play and it is like a bunch of Evander Holyfield's, Joe Frazer's just beating each other up. After the conference schedule is completed and having a 10-6 record I think it is an accomplishment and everyone is really separated by a game or two. I have a great respect level for this conference and the coaches in it. Everyone has really competed in their schedules to be better and I think that the NCAA and everyone else recognized that this year.


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