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Travis Ford's Weekly Teleconference

Coach Travis Ford

Coach Travis Ford

March 3, 2008

Thoughts on the Richmond game It is a tough place to play against a very good basketball team that is playing their best basketball of the year. If you watch tape you can almost see the progression of them getting better each game. They are a very young team but well coached and to be able to go into their place, on senior night, and pull out a victory was a good win for us. We were excited about that win, our guys placed hard; we made a few shots here and there. But when you go on the road in the league, every time you can pull out a win especially this late in the season it is definitely a bonus.

On home games Our home games have been nothing short of a guarantee, that's for sure. We have played better on the road at times. The road is a tough place and our guys seem to be more focused on the road than we are at home, especially on scouting reports at times. But we have a tough one coming up at home and hopefully we will play better than we have on some nights at home.

On who the team MVP is If you look at stats and everything, one would probably say, and I would have to agree that Gary Forbes is relied on to do a lot for the team. Scoring, rebounding, defending, and bringing the ball up the court at times. If you had to have an MVP, he would stick out and I think he is probably a Player of the Year candidate as well, but we require him to do a lot, he is a special point guard and then way we play he is relied upon a lot. If you had to pick one, which is always tough, especially when you are talking about your own guys because as coaches we know what each one does for your team and each one has a role and is special in their own way, Gary Forbes probably.

On playing LaSalle John [Giannini] has these guys playing extremely hard, they are a great one-on-one basketball team, an incredible rebounding team, incredibly well coached where they all play to their strengths, they seem to have no fear on the road, just a very good basketball team. He has done a good job in putting this team together. He has a veteran player in [Darnell] Harris who can lead their team and some very good young players that play hard for him. I am impressed watching these guys on film and they are going to create a lot of problems for us.



On the distractions at home vs. the road I think that has a lot to do with it. I think this year they have thought that since we are at home we are going to win. That could deal with focus, I don't know if it has as much to do with friends, but I know this year a couple times our guys thought, `We're at home, we are going to win, we are supposed to win at home,' and they forgot about the scouting reports, about how hard they had to play and how tough the Atlantic 10 is at home. Just because you are at home doesn't mean that you are guaranteed anything, ever. That is the one thing that I have been disappointed with at times, they seem to just think because you are at home, something automatic is going to happen. Hopefully in the next couple of days they are going to realize that it doesn't matter whether you are at home or on the road, you better bring your best game. In this league there is no time to rest, I don't care where you are at and you better realize that quickly.

On the jumping around in the standings in the Atlantic 10 I have never been a part of a league that is as bunched up and competitive and I think that is what it all boils down to is how strong the league is. There is no other way to justify it. All of the teams have proven out of conference that we can compete with anybody and when you get into our league and teams struggle every night by all out fights, the only way to justify it is that there is 14 really good basketball teams in our league. I have never seen anything like this. It is interesting to be a part of because there is not rest on any given night. You enjoy winning, we are excited that we won after the Richmond game, I walked into the locker room after the game, and guys are clapping and hollering and I told them, it's a good win, but it's time to move on, you just don't have any time to rest.


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