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Bonner Blog No. 3: Barbie Payback

Luke Bonner was in San Antonio for the holidays.

Luke Bonner was in San Antonio for the holidays.

Jan. 14, 2008

The holidays have come and gone, and we are now in the heart of the extended winter break here at UMass. I spent Christmas with my family in San Antonio, and had a great time. It was the first time I spent a Christmas outside of New England and proved to be quite an experience. I got to San Antonio in the afternoon on December 23 and returned to the Pioneer Valley Christmas night. Although my time in San Antonio was brief, I had a great time with my family.

On Christmas Eve, my brother and I went to the pet store to get some chew toys for his girlfriend's bull dog Olive. On our way back from the pet store, we could not resist the temptation to stop at the fireworks store. We stopped and purchased a few tame firecrackers. We thought it would be funny if we snuck up to his house and set them off in his backyard to scare my family. We truly believed that my parents would confuse the distinct noise of black cat firecrackers for some sort of legitimate threat. After all, it worked in Home Alone. Needless to say we set them off, and managed only to scare poor Olive. My dad came outside laughing, and my mom and sister missed out because they were freshening up for dinner.

After dinner we all watched Christmas Vacation together. Two of my brother's friends were over, and we told them about our lame firecracker ploy. They enjoyed the story and decided we should buy some more fireworks and have a celebratory display in front of my brother's house. So, at around 10:30 PM on Christmas Eve we went back to the fireworks store, and to my surprise it was open. I could not believe that it stayed open until midnight on Christmas Eve. We then proceeded to put on a very amateur fireworks display. It was a very unique way to spend Christmas Eve.

Christmas was fun as well. More exciting than receiving gifts, is giving gifts. My sister and I have a tradition of getting each other random gifts. This year was no exception. I got my sister a bonsai tree, and she got me an awesome jacket with leather elbow patches (thank you!). Past gifts exchanged between my sister and I include but are not limited to: a bug collecting kit, a Betty Boop blanket, an elephant action figure, a keyboard print tie, a Ninja Turtle wallet, My Giant DVD, etc. My sister also got my brother some flamingo lawn decorations for his house, which I was pretty jealous about. I got my brother's girlfriend a tee shirt from Unite Footwear and Apparel in Northampton (a great spot!), and an Elvis print from a local graphic designer named Nate Duval (every house needs something Elvis). I got my brother a George Clinton gig poster designed by Nate Duval as well. The other gift that I got my brother was the best gift of the year.



When I was in first grade, my brother told me all December about how he got me the best Christmas present of all time. I was so excited to open this mysterious gift come Christmas day. I was going to open it first, but my brother told me to save it for my last gift. I was so anxious to get through all of my gifts so I could end the speculation as to what the gift could possibly be. I opened it, and it was a Barbie doll. I proceeded to throw it at my brother and run up to my room. I was so upset. It was a very dirty trick, but in hindsight, quite hilarious.

Payback finally came this year. I told my brother that I got him the best record ever. I told him it was a very rare record, and he would go crazy when he got it. Instead, I got him a cowboy themed promiscuous calendar. When gift wrapped, calendars closely resemble the shape of a record. I enclosed a letter reading "BARBIE PAYBACK!" It was very funny when he unwrapped this gift. You could tell he knew he deserved it and had it coming for a long time.

It was great to have my family together even though it was for such a short time. But now, we are back to business. We are looking forward to a challenging A-10 schedule that should promise a lot of excitement. It has been a long time since the A-10 has been this strong, and 2008 should be a year to remember for our team and our conference.

Song of the Day: "Fake Empire" by The National
Book of the Day: Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer

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