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Dec. 28, 2004

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- Lappas On UMass Win:
I thought that our guys did a terrific job of keeping it cool. We lose guys on fouls and we have guys hurt. I'm really proud of the way our guys played tonight, defensively, and on the glass, especially in the second half because I was really upset at halftime with our rebounding. To have only 12 turnovers in that game was great. At the end of the game we were out there with three sophomores, a freshman and Chris Chadwick (a senior). This team is growing and I think their best basketball is ahead of them.

Lappas On UMass Defensive Play:
We threw everything in our repertoire at them today. Here's a game that let's you know why you practice. We probably played seven or eight defenses in practice. You have to have them in the bag when you need them. It was one of those days that we changed up a lot. I thought we did a great job of pressing and trapping as well.

Lappas On Game Strategy:
We felt we had a great game plan coming in, we scrapped it and that happens. We scrapped the game plan after the first five minutes and never came back to it. Every game is different, today was a game where we had to go with a lot of pressing and trapping.

Maurice Maxwell On The Win:
It felt really good. It was a crazy game. You think about it and you just want to win the game. We knew that would be a tough game and it feels good to get that win.

Freeman On The Season So Far:
Everything we have been through, all the hard practices and working in the summer is paying off because you learn and become a better team. The media doesn't know what we go through. Tonight was rewarding. We go through a lot of sacrifices and that's why we feel so good right now.

Freeman On His Comeback In The Second Half:
I went into halftime puzzled because I was missing shots I have made since I was nine-years-old. My team didn't let me down. They told me, no matter what happens, we are still going to go to you and that's what happened.



Freeman On The Halftime Locker Room Discussion:
The locker room was different than last year. Last year we were yelling at each other, getting down on each other, getting mad about certain things. This year, everytime we get a player hurt or we are down at half, we are sticking together. We knew we had to pick it up tonight.
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